How to Pack for Your Week Away: Men

Whether youre going on a business trip, a getaway with the boys or a romantic break, its almost guaranteed that you will forget something. Youve got the essentials covered – hotel booked, flights booked – but what about the rest? Lets take a look at what should absolutely be in your suitcase.

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This should go without saying, but weve all had a friend who has left their passport on the kitchen counter when its time to check in. Your passport is a must. Make you sure you also have a copy of your insurance policy, money (including local currency), accommodation confirmation and any medication. If youre going abroad, you must also have the correct visa if needed.


When thinking what to pack, try to remember what you do in your morning routine to help you. Take a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and hair products. A shaving kit will come in handy and dont forget shower essentials such as shampoo and shower gel. If youre flying, remember to pack the majority of these in your hold luggage unless you are able to pack them in clear bottles holding no more than 100ml to take in your hand luggage. If youre going somewhere warm, take sun cream and after-sun to make sure you dont end up like a lobster after only one day.

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Clean undies are a must, as are at least one pair of fresh socks per day. When deciding which shirts to bring, try to pick something that is multifunctional and will work for day and night. Mens Farah shirts, such as the ones found here work well and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If its warm, you might want to change once or twice during the day, so plan your outfits for each day in advance.

If you plan on going swimming, dont forget your swim shorts and a beach towel. Shorts and t-shirts are essentials for a hot climate, but dont expect to stay dry for your entire trip. There may be unexpected weather so prepare by packing a light, foldaway rain mac. The same goes for shoes – dont just pack flip flops, its no fun walking in them in an unexpected downpour. Pack some smart shoes for more formal occasions and trainers for everyday comfort.

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