How to Throw the World’s Most Epic Pool Party

If you’re one of them, you owe it to yourself – and to your friends – to host a truly epic pool party.

Here’s how to throw the world’s most epic pool party.

Keep People Entertained

If you have activities planned for your pool party, you won’t ever have to worry about your guests getting bored.

But make sure, especially if you’re getting different types of people together, you do what you can to avoid awkward silences.

Put a few icebreaker games out on the tables, so guests can ask people they don’t know very well exciting (instead of run-of-the-mill) “getting to know you” questions.

Also, why not update the pool games you played as a kid for your adult life?

Marco Polo is still just as much fun as it was twenty years ago. Remember “The Movie Game,” where friends had to race to you in the water once they guessed what movie you were describing?

Even host a diving contest, if your pool is deep enough so that no one gets hurt.

Make sure you get some waterproof speakersand keep them out by the pool. (You may want to inform your neighbors you’re having a party, or invite them!)

Finally, scatter your pool with floats so those who just want to relax and chill can enjoy themselves.

These days, nostalgia is in. Plus, with the stress of daily life and work, everyone will appreciate the chance to be a kid again.

Keep People Fed

Swimming will wear your guests out! Make sure you have enough food (and especially drinks) on hand to keep everyone happy.

Decide beforehand if you want to go with a themed food option, or get really creative and ask each guest to bring a different cuisine for an “around the world” theme.

Seven layer dip, “adult” popsicles, and fruit trays are always staple foods if your party is a little more…off the cuff.

Keep It Warm

Don’t let the winter or cooler temperatures stop you from having the pool party of your dreams. Defy the calendar with a solar pool heater.

This will keep your pool warm, so things can get even hotter later!

Keep It Safe

We want your pool party to be out of control. Still, we don’t want it to get so crazy that people end up in the hospital, and you end up getting sued. Since 10 people die every day from accidental drowning, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re hosting a party with children, always make sure that a parent is on lifeguard duty. If you’re having a party with adults, make sure at least one person stays sober enough to help out in the event of an emergency.

Ready To Host The Best Bash Ever?

Thanks to these unbeatable tips, you’re ready to host a pool party your friends will be talking about for years to come.

Make everyone on Instagram -especiallyyour ex – jealous by posting pictures of your epic weekend. Watch the “likes” pour in!

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