Is LinkedIn the right network to look for a job?

Some users of LinkedIn are opting to leave. Your profile? They seek employment and are sometimes reprimanded by other users emphasizing that this professional network is not similar to Facebook.

They allude to the fact that you cannot use a certain type of near or clear language in which you expose without more: “I am looking for work”. In some cases, like the one of the gemologist who reported a case of discrimination due to her physicality in this network, she was well received on the network. But is LinkedIn the right place to look for a job?

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LinkedIn is not Info jobs

Neither that job portal nor any other. Precisely the frustration appears when a person in search of employment considers that if he leaves his resume and opens a profile, soon will come offers that interest him.

Develop patience

If we are looking for a job we should have as much patience as the Holy Job had, therefore we hope that by registering in LinkedIn in less than a month we will find the work of our life is not a realistic thought.

In LinkedIn, unlike the employment portals, not only do we find job offers, there is also the possibility of interacting with companies or with other people.

A recruiter enters LinkedIn to see your profile to get it and if you see activity, you will differentiate yourself from the rest.

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Its for the recruiter

It’s a great temptation, you can understand. But it is not the best strategy. Sending dozens of invitations to those responsible for Human Resources will not guarantee us a job.

However, it is positive to create a wide network of contacts, participate in debates related to your sector and we already know, when it is provided and it is constant, the reward comes. In this case in the form of labor proposals.


LinkedIn is not only a place where we can find a job, it is also a way to stay connected with the labor market.

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