Is your CV ready to be read on mobile? Some tips and apps to improve

When we think of department recruiters reviewing resumes, we imagine sitting at the computer, opening attachments to emails or entering online profiles. But the truth is that many of them do their work often otherwise.

Donna Svei, optimization consultant CV and job search, conducted a rapid survey among members of a Facebook group of recruiters. The only survey question was “You check resumes on your mobile?”, and the results were very striking: more than 80% of them said yes.

Not only that, but also several people left additional comments on the survey Donna, stressing the so frequent use made ​​mobile to read and review candidate profiles. That is, the image we have of human resources employee sitting at the PC is obsolete; like most of us, they have also moved part of their work to mobile devices.

Although the survey Donna is far from being a scientific study, it does give to think about the use of mobile in all aspects of life; not only to play around or read the news on the subway way to the office, but to be part of our work directly on that small screen. The fact that such a high percentage of recruiters (despite the small sample of the survey) responds to review resumes on your mobile is a proof of this trend.

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In this case, yes, this trend has a direct impact on the way we write and format the CV before sending it to a company. Not only apply the “traditional” councils (as maintaining always updated resume or customize it to supply to we ship, but also now must take into account elements of layout and usability. Because if the charge of reviewing your CV so you will do on your mobile, the last thing you want is illegible.

How to optimize a CV Mobile

Donna Svei gives some valuable tips to keep in mind if you want to make sure that your CV can be read equally well on the screen of a computer as on a mobile. Here are some of them…

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Forget colorful backgrounds and shadow effects: Many people reduce the brightness of the mobile screen to save battery. In these circumstances, you need the combination of background color and text color that has better contrast: black on white. Yes, the classic is what works best.

Nothing to mix sources: Although some variety of sources (without going over, ofcourse, and no Comic Sans) can contribute to the beauty of the design of your CV, mobile is not so good. Best to stick to a standard font to ensure that there will be problems readability.

The graphs do not get along with mobile: Some candidates use graphs to illustrate their level in certain skills, but view them on the screen of a mobile carries certain risks: if they are too large force to move in the document all the time and overload the CV design in general, among other things.

The sidebars are not recommended: Another possibility is to add CV layout a sidebar, for example, be a summary of personal data. But these bars may give rise to certain problems often have colored backgrounds (back to the comments on the first point) and create two columns in the document, so again we force the reader to scroll continuously back and forth.

Clear, brief, straight to the point and with enough space between them texts, these are the four keys you should consider if you want your CV reads well on the screen of a mobile. What a worker Human Resources seeks when reviewing profiles is whether you have the necessary experience and knowledge required for the position; the details come later. Therefore it is vital to present that information in text fragments not very long (no more than four lines), with enough space between them, and with a source whose size allows easy reading on small screens.

Apps online to create or improve your CV

Although a resume can be done with any text editor, there are some specialized online tools in the design, drafting and CV layout that can be of help. Here are some of them…

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Super Resume

It includes 12 templates, whose elements can be customized to detail. You can create a CV from scratch, or import your data from a document in DOC, HTML or TXT format. Once finished, you can print or download the CV as DOC or PDF – for which you need to create a free user account.

My Perfect Resume

It also includes a dozen templates, and you will be guided by CV creation process step by step. As above, you can create a resume from scratch or import one you already have done in DOC, PDF, HTML, RTF or TXT. Yes, shortly after starting the process and will ask you to create free user account information to be keeping.

Visual CV

The free version of this app includes 15 templates with customizable elements, and allows you to create a CV from scratch or import data directly from LinkedIn. Once you have made ​​the CV, you can use it in two ways: online sharing via a custom URL with visitor statistics, or print in PDF. For the latter function you require the Premium version of payment, which also includes extra features like more templates to maintain multiple versions of the CV, and advanced statistics of visits to your CV.

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