Keeping What You Do In Your Home Private – Tips for Keeping Your House Looking and Smelling Immaculately

Some folks come home from work, kick off their shoes, and plop down in their favorite chair with a gallon of chocolate ice cream. Others typically imbibe in a few glasses of red wine along with a hand-rolled cigar. What people do while they are home alone is not always an activity that they would want to announce to the world, particularly their co-workers, parents, or superiors. Although recreational marijuana use is legal in several states, you may want to eliminate marijuana smell from your hair and clothes before inviting over guests. Next up are several ingenious tips for keeping curious visitors from discovering your vices by keeping your home in perfect order.

Keep Your Wine Closet Locked

No one needs to know what type of wine you enjoy or how much you typically drink during dinner unless you have a habit of sharing the information freely. It isnt about hiding your drinking habits or even covering up a problem with alcoholism. If your collection of fine wines are kept in a wine closet behind a locked door, you will never have to field a volley of invasive questions. Avoid explaining how much money youve spent on wine in the last year by keeping your collection hidden away until its time to pull out a bottle.

Using Fragrant Scented Candles

Smoke has a way of sticking around, even after it is visibly gone. It might not bother you, but you probably dont want to hear your father-in-law nagging you about the dangers of smoking. Use natural smelling scented candles to mask odors that are lingering around your home. Once it is hard for you to smell anything besides fragrant sandalwood or delicious apples and cinnamon, you can open the windows, turn on the fans and gently aerate your entire home. Youll get asked few questions about your smoking habits if your home smells fresh and fragrant all the time.

Have a Designated Place to Enjoy Your Vices

Instead of running around your bedroom, living room, and dining room looking for empty wine bottles to discard the next time your parents come for an unexpected visit, you can shut the door on just one area. If you like to enjoy your scotch and electronic cigarette on your chaise lounge on the patio, try not to go anywhere else until you have finished up your drink and your smoke. Maybe you can keep a decorative, covered ashtray in your home near a handsome looking table with drawers, so all your personal items can be stored away in an instant. No one needs to feel like a prisoner in his or her home, but it can be easier to keep your privacy by keeping your vices private.

If you own property, you might want to do your smoking and drinking outdoors where there will little chance of smells lingering around. Consider constructing an outdoor space that feels comfortable, where you dont have to keep your vices hidden. It is also suggested that you installed a tall privacy fence, so your personal affairs remain your business alone.

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