Skoda Octavia 2017, new look and more technology but as spacious and comfortable as ever

Since its launch in 1996 as the first Skoda of the Volkswagen era, Skoda Octavia has evolved a lot, but above all, it has sold more than five million units in all these years. Now, to keep up with its good numbers – it is ninth best-selling model and the first in the family car body, it is slightly renewed and it gains mainly on a technological level.

The Skoda Octavia 2017 is available for sale from 15500 dollars, and is offered in both body saloon and family or Combi. From May come the most interesting versions for those who are looking for the most sporty option or the most expensive, that is, the Octavia RS, RS 245 and Scout. We just tried the renovated Octavia with several of its engines and told you all the details.

The renewed aesthetics of the Octavia has given a lot of talk since the Czech brand published the first images of the model, mainly for its new look, consisting of “split” headlights. As the brand claims, and it is true, this new look is what makes Octavia recognizable at a first glance. You’re not going to confuse him with a Rapid or a Superb, that’s for sure. In addition, new bonnet, bumper, grill, LED lights, etc …

The model also grows slightly (11 mm longer for the saloon and 8 for the Combi – 4.67 meters both), but more important are the changes in the aesthetic level, the new interior options (upholstery, multimedia systems, light Environment – now in 10 colors, etc …) and the technological offer, since this Octavia 2017 is added to the most connected range of the brand, after the big home of the house, Skoda Kodiaq, which we tested at the end of the last year.

Skoda Octavia 2017
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Space, versatility and connectivity

The appearance of the passenger compartment is almost identical to that of its predecessor, which, although simple in design as in all models of the house, is attractive and stands out for good quality materials, pleasing to the eye and touch many soft, touchable plastics Gummy, for example. Where there are more differences is in the center console, since there are four multimedia systems available that allow new screens, up to 9.2 inches – and tactile – at the top of the range. Available systems are called Swing, Bolero, Amundsen and Columbus.

Thanks to a wheelbase of almost 2.69 meters, the renovated Octavia offers a very good habitability, with a space for legs and head in the rear seats more than generous. In addition, the trunk is also wide, between 590 and 1,580 liters in the saloon and between 610 and 1,740 liters in the family or Combi.

Skoda brings together all its technological advances in the so-called Skoda Connect system, which enables the vehicle to be equipped (optionally, depending on the finish) with online services (assistance, emergency call, remote services, etc.) and infotainment with multiple possibilities. Features such as Google Earth, Google Street View, reading and dictation of SMS or various information on traffic conditions, parking spaces, service stations – and fuel prices – or weather forecast.

The Skoda App, available for smartphone and tablet, provides functions such as sending a destination directly to the vehicle’s navigator, accessing parental control – warning if a fixed speed is exceeded, for example – locating the vehicle itself or accessing the status of the vehicle. Traffic on our usual routes.

In terms of assistance and security systems, the offer – according to the levels of equipment – has Front Assist with predictive protection of pedestrians and city emergency brake, blind spot assistant, cross-traffic alert, tow assistant, control Adaptive cruise control, parking sensors and reversing camera, rail maintenance assistant, fatigue detector or signal recognition system, among other things.

Of course, the Octavia has a lot of solutions Simply Clever of defining the brand, as the classic flashlight with magnet in the boot of the Combi (which acts as lighting for the boot but is also removable), an Umbrella under the driver’s seat, ice scraper integrated into the fuel filler flap, reversible mats or domestic plug and USB sockets in the rear center console, among many other things.

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Range of motorizations

The range of engines has three petrol (TSI) and two diesel (TSI) options between 115 and 180 hp – at least until the most powerful RS variants arrive in May, in addition to a version of Natural Gas Compressed or CNG. The manufacturer expects 20% of its sales in our market to incorporate dual clutch DSG automatic boxes. As we have known recently, this year should reach the 1.5 TSI EVO engine that also use other models of the group.

1.0 TSI: Access gasoline offers a power of 115 hp and a maximum torque of 200 Nm between 2,000 and 3,000 RPM. It allows an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.9 seconds (10.1 in Combi) and a top speed of 203 km / h (201 in the familiar). It is available with a manual gearbox of six ratios or with a DSG of seven marches with which homologates one tenth less in the average consumption: 4.8 and 4.7 liters to the hundred kilometers respectively.

1.4 TSI: The intermediate version develops 150 hp and 250 Nm between 1,500 and 3,500 laps, allowing a 0 to 100 km / h in 8.1 seconds (8.2 Combi) and a top speed of 219 km / h (216 for the Combi). Homologates an average consumption of 5.2 liters with manual box and 4.9 liters (5 the Combi) with the DSG of seven gears.

1.8 TSI: This old acquaintance is the most powerful of the gasoline, with 180 hpand a maximum torque of 250 Nm. It delivers 0 to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds (manual 6v) or 7.4 seconds (DSG7) and reaches 231 km / h. Meanwhile, the average consumption is 6.1 liters for the manual and 5.8 liters on the double clutch.

1.6 TDI: The access TDI has 115 hp and 250 Nm, and manages five-speed manual or DSG of seven. It reaches 100 km / h in 10.1 seconds (10.2 the DSG) and has a maximum speed of 203 km / h (201 the DSG). In terms of consumption, the DSG homologates 3.9 liters and the manual 4 liters.

2.0 TDI: The most powerful diesel engine has 150 hp and 340 Nm. It can equip a manual gearbox – of series – or a DSG, both of six speeds (DSG of 7 for Combi 4×4). Standard accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds (8.5 the Combi) and reaches 218 km / h (216 the family), returning an approved mixed consumption of 4.3 liters.

1.4 TSI G-TEC (CNG): Last but not least is the TSI option adapted to Compressed Natural Gas (which has an ECO label). It has 110 hp and 200 Nm, but the most significant is its combined autonomy of 1,300 kilometers. The autonomy to gas is of 410 km, thanks to two bottles of 7.5 kg of GNC mounted in the hollow of the spare wheel. Average gas consumption is 5.7 cubic meters at one hundred kilometers (5.5 with DSG). The main advantage with gas is that consumption is almost 50% lower than 1.4 TSI of gasoline, the price of gas is also cheaper and Nox emissions are reduced by 80%. Finally, the brand offers the so-called Skoda GNC App where you can check recharge points, among other things.

Skoda Octavia 2017
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Very comfortable, but competent

The renovation has also brought to the Octavia a growth in terms of track widths, of between 20 and 30 millimeters according to the motorization. In practice, the result is a model whose set-up greatly favors the comfort of running, but is able to face sections of curves without messing too much and shows considerable aplomb on fast tracks. Despite having a relatively soft feel, body movements are well contained and is not a model that has to brake in excess of the turns.

If equipped with the DCC adaptive suspension, the hardening of the shock absorbers in the Sport mode is noticeable, and we will notice the unevenness of the terrain in exchange for better dynamics, with more precise support changes and less bourgeois behavior. In any case, the balance is good, although comfort is always its main objective and it succeeds.

In addition to the great habitability, which without reaching the extreme of a Superb leaves enough space for the rear seats, the soundproofing of the interior is good, although there comes some aerodynamic noise coming from the mirrors. For both traveling and daily use, it is an ideal model, and probably in terms of value for money is one of the best options in the segment.

During the contact, we have put the wheel of the 1.8 TSI front -wheel drive DSG, and 2.0 TDI in both power levels. They are not new engines – there were few units with the most interesting engines – and therefore not surprising, despite their good manners. The three variants offer a good amount of thrust and combine perfectly with both the manual change and the respective DSG.

Without doubts, and with permission of the RS and RS 245 that are falling, the 1.8 TSI is the most pleasant and satisfactory engine of the current offer for which it looks for good benefits, although in the comparison of consumption the TDI are carried The street battle. It offers a great push, trains surprisingly well – without the need of the integral traction, gains speed with desire and runs much, although the sound of the engine does not fall in love. With the seven-speed DSG gearbox the changes are very fast in both automatic and cam mode.

Skoda Octavia 2017
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Finishing and equipment

The equipment levels of the range are five: Active, Ambition, Like, Style and Laurin & Klement. In broad outline, incorporate the following elements to highlight:

Active: Halogen bi-beacon, LED daytime running lights, LED lights, air conditioning, Swing radio with 6.5 inch display, 7 airbags, Bluetooth connectivity, etc …

Ambition: This finish adds 16-inch wheels, bizona climate control, light assistant, rain sensor, multifunction sports steering wheel with radio and telephone controls, aluminum inserts or central front armrest.

Like: Similar to Ambition, with respect to the basic finish adds 17-inch wheels, aluminum inserts, Bolero radio, rain sensor, Smartlink, front and rear windows, etc …

Style: Add 17-inch wheels, LED headlamps, light and rain sensors, 8-inch Bolero radio, Smartlink, Bluetooth connectivity with voice control or rear parking sensors.

Laurin & Klement: Finally, the top-of-the-range finish features 18-inch alloy wheels, Chrome package, interior LED ambient lighting, Amundsen 8-inch screen browser, Smartlink, Online services or front and rear parking sensors.

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