Lack of motivation? 10 actions to fight it

10 practical and immediate actions to combat your lack of motivation and achieve your goals.

“Do not wait until it’s all right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges to face, obstacles to overcome, and imperfect conditions. It’s all right. Every step you take will allow you to grow stronger, more competent, more confident, and more and more successful.” – Mark Victor Hansen.

Monday morning: I would say that there is no better time for the week to talk about lack of motivation! Do you agree with me?

Always motivated to achieve a goal is not easy. Sometimes there are times when we just want to lie on the couch and disintegrate in front of the TV. Have you ever been to these days? Days in which you are without motivation?

In this article I want to talk about 10 practical and immediate actions to transform these days, fight your lack of motivation and achieve your goals …

Lack of motivation
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1) It just starts: Motivation is a bit like appetite: You’re eating … um, I meant working. If you do not want to study, open that damn book and start reading the first paragraph. If you do not feel like going to the gym, wearing the sneakers, picking up the bag and going out. Do not think: when you are demotivated, your brain will only give you good reasons for not doing what you have to do – just start, everything else will come naturally.

2) Transform your goals into actions by 1h: Important goals can engage us for months or even years and it is easy to lose motivation. In these cases try to break your project into ever smaller actions until you find an action that you can start right away and complete within 1h.

3) Set a challenging deadline: I’ve already talked about how the shortage of time increases motivation. If you cannot complete a business and things go long, set a challenging deadline and start a nice timer. The countdown in sight will create a sense of urgency and challenge: these two elements are very effective motivators.

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4) Do not burn the stages: At the beginning of a project or when we set a new goal, our motivation is on the stars, but it soon disappears. If you want to keep your motivation high, learn not to burn stages in these early stages: have you decided to start running? Do not start starting at 10 Km. Start with small steps, and gradually increase. In this way, you will distribute your initial motivation.

5) Record your progress: There is no more motivating thing to see a calendar with so many “x” over, one for each day you stepped to your goal. Record your progress creates a virtuous circle: Every time you progress, your motivation grows and the annoyance of leaving a day without the “x” pushes you to be steady.

Lack of motivation
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6) Reward: When you set your goal, try to write straight away, what you will give yourself once centered. Also, whenever you reach just a little goal, you learn to reward you, get some satisfaction.

7) Write the 10 “why” of your goal: A goal without a purpose is a goal that you will not achieve. If you are demotivated, take a sheet of paper or open a text file and start writing the 10 reasons why you want to achieve your goal: how will you feel when you reach it? What do you get? How will others see you? Do you want to go back to work right?

8) Put an image that remembers your goal in visible places: It often happens that we are not motivated just because we have forgotten our goals. Try putting images that recall your target in visible places: on the fridge, on the wall in front of your bed, on the car’s steering wheel … put some imagination. I find very effective personalized desktop wallpapers.

9) Focused for 5 minutes a day on your goal: I believe that focus and action are the two essential ingredients of success. To start a new day with motivation often wearing the headphones of my iPhone, I put a playlist of pure energy and in those 5 minutes, I imagine the details, as it will reach my goal. Pure reasoning.

10) Talk about your goal to the important people of your life: Have you tried all the 9 strategies I’ve talked to and are you still standing in front of the screen like a vegetable! Well then it’s time to give you a little responsibility: tell your target to an important person in your life, a person you cannot afford to fail, a person who will support you in difficult moments and reproach you when you bicker.

Are you fighting the lack of motivation? If you go, tell me in the comments, thank you!

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