Mistakes when buying are costing you a fortune

You spend the day shopping, and you should be an expert on good shopping, but still sure, there are hundreds of errors that commit every day shopping. Clothing that you regret having bought, still unworn clothes in the closet and stuff you gave as could. Do not worry! All make mistakes when shopping, and these are the most typical. If you are careful with these things, you will save a lot of money you decide if you use it again to go shopping!

Buy clothing that is not your style

You’ve seen it in magazines, I’ve seen Olivia Palermo and you thought that this trend is divine. But you buy it and you do not end up seeing her. Therefore, that purchase will rot in the back of the closet. In my case, I bought long fringed booties that every time I put them I could only think about the move I made as I was walking. If a trend is not for you, let her go.

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Too many trends at once

Choose the best of each season, the most come with you, no need to buy every one of them because otherwise you leave a fortune in fashion. And of course, nothing to wear them all at once because we do not want to become a Christmas tree andante.

Clothes that do not fit

You fell in love print that shirt, but do not fit well in the chest and open all the time. Or you bought jeans are all the rage, but your spare waist and you are too righteous ass. You have to feel comfortable in the clothes, but you will not put and money thrown away. In addition, a pledge, no matter how expensive it is, but it looks good look cheap and vulgar.

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Cheap is expensive

It is lowered or is a bargain that does not mean it costs 7 dollars worth. Do not be fooled by the impulse of the moment and think if you really going to wear that garment, whether it is worth the quality and if you need really. If you buy something that breaks in two days, you’re just creating more garbage on the planet, you’re not winning in style. Buy little, and above all purchase head.

Buy 7 times the same garment

There are times that we are obsessed with a garment, such as with black skirts. Have a longer, shorter, one of leather, another flight, another with a zipper and one with a loop. No need to buy a new one, because you have you can do the same function and combine with the rest of your wardrobe. Save thinking what you already have before buying.

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Not dress according to your age

Do not overdo formal dressing as someone older than you or try to pretend 20 years with the clothes if you do not have, because the effect is often appalling. Dress according to your age, so you stay really good.

Buy clothes for occasions that never come

As buy a prom dress if you are invited to an event … whenever you have such elegant parties. Or buy very high heeled shoes for a special occasion when you usually always wear comfortable shoes. Purchase life thinking that you usually do normally and divides the budget: 70% for work clothes or study, 20% for casual weekend clothes and 10% for special occasions is a good mix.

Buy things that are not in your size

If you plan to lose weight, you go when shopping, but you insist on buying something that is not your size. It can also occur in rebates see something you like and it is not your size, but still shopping, as if your foot out to shrink to enter the shoe 37, which obviously too small for you and will hurt.

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