Mumbai’s 5 Best Kept Secrets

Weekends generally comprise of driving outskirts for an adventurous trip, bar hopping with your friends, or just nice ol sleeping.

Seeking something unique in Mumbai? Well, your search comes to an end here. We have the checklist of Mumbai’s five best-kept secrets you possibly never heard of, so take your choice and move out for an amazing experience. Use Uber coupons and Ola coupons to make your way around the city fluently.

  1. Kanhoji Angre Island:

Kanhoji Angre is certainly one of the very less explored and oldest lighthouses near Mumbai. The compelling imported lights eventually once migrated up to 25 kms within the sea. When the domestic Indian filament was utilized, the distance the light advanced has been cut down to 14 to 15 kms only. It was previously recognized as Khanderi Island, and this fort was exclusively constructed by the Portuguese, and the foundation was held by the Marathas. It has a completely functional lighthouse, and destructions of canons are quite a historical site. It is going to be enhanced into a tourist destination.

  1. Mandapeshwar Caves

Stationed in Mt. Poinsur, this cave was basically constructed on the banks of the Dahisar River nearly 1600 years ago. Mandapeshwar Caves have been a bystander of the World Wars, so the monuments are most probably destroyed. It has a beautiful and engaging Nataraj sculpture, so if you are a Shiva devotee, move out to this cave for sure. This region is extremely peace-loving. You can exclusively climb or move to the top of these amazing caves from right side. You will acknowledge that at the top, there is debris left of an ancient Portuguese church.

  1. Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort is also recognized as the Bassein Fort. This fort is exclusively preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. It is of national importance, and in ancient times, this was the fortress of the Portuguese, and now it is said to be a victim of some paranormal activities during the night. Vasai Fort was constructed with a motive to keep a notice on the territory of Saashti. The three sides of Vasai Fort are beautifully surrounded by the Arabian Sea. It is a favourite spot of the Bollywood directors.

  1. Global Vipasna Pagoda:

Global Vipasna Pagoda is an amazing architecture which rewards acknowledgment to the Buddha and his guidance. It is considered to be one of the biggest dome structures on the planet and is also acknowledged as a meditation chamber for monks. Placed right near to Essel World, make certain you do not get enticed to ignore the Pagoda. As a monumental wonder that assists promote harmony and peace, the Global Vipassana Pagoda is surely a landmark architecture that gets us closer to the teachings and philosophies of the great Buddha. It also has the uniqueness of being one of the tallest stone structures in Asia that majestically advances against the backdrop of the glowing waters of the Arabian Sea.

  1. Arnala Fort

Arnala Fort is constructed and exclusively owned by the Portuguese. The octagonal water reservoir, many temples, and tombs of rulers are the various attractions of this fortress island. You can get to Arnala beach which is nearby with several resorts alongside providing complacent accommodation. The prime construction is on the north side of this tedious island. The fort has firm and broad high walls with three doors – the prime entrance is constructed on the north side. There are trees basically on the outside walls, which have been utilized by the admirers to move on the top to get a glance inside.

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