New Year, New Hobby

Do you want to begin the new year with a new hobby? Hobbies are beneficial to people by providing us with an escape from an often-stressful world, and some that can even be used to bring joy to those around you in the form of home made gifts! So, if you are thinking of trying something new in 2018, carry on reading to see if you are inspired by any of these

Candle Making This a relatively inexpensive hobby to start up, as only a few basic supplies are needed. This is one of those hobbies which is not only satisfying but can also double up a great way to make some personalised gifts for people too. Personalise your home-made candles with fragrance oils the receiver will like, and pretty labels with your own message on them.

Take up a Musical Instrument Many people say they have always wanted to learn a musical instrument but What is stopping you? Music is one of the best ways to release stress! Look for a local tutor in your area if you have never played any instrument before this is a good idea, as it will be a good way to introduce you to the instrument and also to reading music. There are also a great number of online tutorials for various skills, so if you already have a basic idea maybe see if this works for you.

Photography Photography is a great hobby as you can bring it with you! Anywhere that you can take your camera, you can take your hobby and in the process, you can capture holiday memories, family events, spectacular natural phenomena or just life in general. After the initial cost of buying the equipment, there is very little that you will need to keep buying (depending of course on how far you want to go with it) before you begin, it is best to do a little bit of research on what you will need, and if you can speak to people who have been doing it for a while to get tips and advice.

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Nail Art A creative and fun hobby for people who want to jazz up their fingertips a bit! The Nail art craze has exploded over recent years and there are so many amazing designs now from the more classic variations on simple French manicures to the more bonkers designs like bubble nails! It is best to practice simple designs on some cheap false nails to start with, and when you get more confident start doing them on yourself! There are plenty of tutorials online that you can follow for almost any look or make up your own!

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Dressmaking Not as popular anymore with clothing being so cheap nowadays, the need for this skill has sadly declined. But it is a rewarding hobby to have, as it gives you endless possibilities of making your own individual outfits in whatever fabric you like, whatever your style dressmaking fabric can be found at – start off with more simple patterns dont try a three piece suit or a ballgown straight away!

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