Patio Dining Increases Restaurant Revenue By 30%

Everyone loves a good patio. The sunshine, a light breeze, the evening air there’s nothing better.

As it usually goes in the restaurant business, whats good for your customers is good for your bottom line, to the tune of 30%. Some, like VSAG, go as high as 65% gross profit boost from adding a patio to a restaurant!

Heres how you can get the most from your patio, and really fatten up this cash cow.

If you’ve got a view, use it.

Patios with a view are particularly sought after, especially in warmer climates.

If youre thinking about adding a patio, try and build it with a view. Particularly for restaurants and more serious dining (e.g. not a bar), a view can make a BIG difference to your bottom line.

Use outdoor heaters to extend patio season

The only problem with patio season is that it ends. For some places, particularly those who have invested in patio covers and other improvements, this means cutting down the size of their restaurant by 60-70 percent.

Naturally, this means looking for ways to keep the patio party going for as long as possible. One solution thats been used effectively for years is patio heaters.

Even a small heater can make a big difference to the happiness of your patrons keeping them comfortable for weeks or even an extra few months on either side of summer.

Keep your patio looking great

As per the rest of your establishment, its important to keep your patio looking great all the time. The standard recommendation is to refurbish your patio every five to seven years. However, it really depends on what sort of venue vibe youre going for.

For some restaurants, patios can actually benefit from staying the same. If you have a beautifully designed patio, it can even become part of your branding and you might want to think twice about changing it.

That said, because your patio is exposed to the elements, youll need to be vigilant about your maintenance. Expect things to break sooner, and budget for regular paint and touch ups to keep everything ship shape.

The street isn’t the only place for a patio

Dont have the zoning permission for a street side patio, or are unwilling to pay an additional city tax? No problem there are other patio solutions that people have been using for years.

Beer gardens, for example, remain one of the most popular types of venues for the privacy and intimacy they afford, without giving up the benefits of being outside.

Wrap up

If youre in a place where a patio is a possibility, its definitely worth considering investing in.

Not only is it a great way to expand your total square footage and increase your footprint in your neighborhood, but it will also help you get in new customers who might otherwise wander on by.

Plus, with anywhere from a 30-65% gross profit boost, youd be crazy not to try.

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