Remedies for Solving Uneven Home Heating and Cooling Issues

Your central heat and cooling system is designed to provide cooled or heated air evenly distributed throughout the home. But sometimes you may discover one area of the house isn’t getting the benefit of that warm or cool air while other rooms feel just right. Something is definitely wrong, but there are some simple ways to fix uneven home heating and cooling issues. Try these steps to solve the problem.

Check Your Fan

Thermostats have a switch that can toggle your fan’s operating system from “auto” to “on”. Most people leave it switched to the former position since they only want their system operating when necessary. Setting the fan to “auto” allows it to switch on and off when the temperature reaches a preset threshold but if you’re having distribution issues, it might be a better idea to leave it in the “on” position. This way the air is still being moved and circulated through the system even after the cooling or heating element has shut off and that cool or warm air is being distributed equally throughout all rooms and floors of the home.

Check Your Vents

The heated or cooled air being blown outward by your system is delivered through the vents in your home. If these vents are not open they can’t effectively cool or heat a room. So check to make sure the vents are open, clean, and unobstructed in any area where the temperature is not the same as other parts of the home. Be sure there is no dirt or debris inside or furniture blocking the vent. If these issues aren’t apparent, perhaps it’s a much simpler fix of redirecting the vent within the room. You may also want to partially shut the vents in other rooms to send a stronger flow of air into an area that isn’t getting enough cooling or heating.

Check for Leaks

The ducts in your home that are supposed to distribute air throughout the house can’t work with maximum efficacy if one of them is leaking. That leakage can come as a result of a tear or hole in the duct and some of your air is seeping out of that opening before it gets to the vent. Not only does this make the system work harder and longer to cool or heat a room but it could be an indication of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. This issue can drive up your home heating bills considerably.

Check Your Insulation

It’s possible your attic insulation is part of the problem as well, especially when trying to send cool air throughout the house. Insulation is designed to retain the cool air in your home and keep the hot air out but if you don’t have sufficient insulation, you could be losing a lot of your cool air. Check to see if you have enough and that the insulation you’ve installed has the correct R-Value for your home and the area in which you reside. Virginia propane delivery service can help troubleshoot this issue and many other potential problems with your cooling and heating system.

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