Rio continues adapting to the Olympic amid economic crisis

The organizing committee said that “every penny saved counts” and that just are ready by 80%. The organizing committee of the Olympic Games in Rio-2016 does not spend a penny more than budgeted and tightens its belt with cuts to luxury amidst the deep crisis plaguing Brazil.

The rooms have no TV athletes, there will be one to share the room of the apartment; The VIP area will be more modest than in previous years; and will attempt to print less. He came to regard even the air conditioning charge for athletes staying in the Olympic village, but after complaints that idea was discarded.

Olympic Rio 2016
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Brazil’s economy is in deep recession, and inflation reached double digits and unemployment grows. A very different scenario buoyant power in 2009 given a chance to host the first Games in South America.

Therefore every penny saved it, the communications director of the committee, Mario Andrada told AFP.

“It will be the first Olympic Games that will have an administration intelligent cost, balance the budget. We will make the Games with the money we have, we will not let outstanding bills for the government to pay or society,” he said, pointing the cut may range between 5% and 20%.

Cutting TVs for example, avoid buying two to three more devices in each of the 3604 apartments.

The committee has 7.400 billion reais (USD 1,900 million) to host the Games, and the goal is not to resort to fund $ 780 million from the federal government, to be used in other areas such as security, transport and energy infrastructure.

The cuts also aim to prevent the large demonstrations that shook the country during the Confederations Cup 2013 in protest against government spending to host the World Cup the following year.

However, Andrada said “is not going to save anything” in relation to structures and sports equipment, as well as the opening and closing ceremony, which ultimately is what involves athletes and fans what they see.

The organization of the Games “Rio is ready today to 80% in April will be ready 100% and during the Games will be at 120%, will be a spectacular Olympiad”, he did not hesitate to say responsible.

Construction of the velodrome track for January was a decision by the committee itself but “no risk” of late, and the diving pool will not ultimately ceiling, despite the complaints of the federation (FINA).

“No need, August is the driest month of the year in Rio. In Barcelona, ​​had no fixed roof installation,” said Andrada.

The areas where the sailing competitions will be held in the polluted Guanabara Bay are clean, but “a national disgrace” that has not been cleaned the bay, he admitted.

Also confident that the expansion of clave subway to get to the Olympic Park from the center and areas will be ready for the Games even in the last minute.

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