Sennheiser PXC 480: A new option within the market for active sound canceling headphones

When we talk about headphones Sennheiser is one of the reference brands that comes to mind thanks to a catalog has models for all types of users, either by price or performance. And it is a segment where the case known manufacturers Sennheiser, Sony, Panasonic … have to contend with more elitists who increasingly monopolize interest. The market is on fire.

Sennheiser PXC 480
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To try not to lose camber the manufacturer offers headphones Sennheiser PXC 480, a model with cable (Sennheiser PXC550 are wireless) headset, supraural type and are fully enclosed do offer an independence of outside sound headphones that we will now see more Depth to know its specifications.

It is a large model, necessary to completely cover our ear. For this they use two pads in faux fur and a headband padded to join both domes. Inside they make use of a speaker that offers a frequency response ranging from 17 Hz to 23 kHz with an impedance of 45 ohms.

This is a big headphones, we already have said, but through the use of a hinge system can fold them not to take up too much space and also keep them in the bag included. We find this way with good headphones with a weight of 225 grams.

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Regarding the PXC 480 Sennheiser sound feature the NoiseGard technology that allows the cancellation of external noises seeking to minimize ambient noise that interferes with our music. Furthermore, this system active noise cancellation to detect and cancel external noise so that although not listen to music we are well isolated from the outside world.

This system is also modulable thanks to the use of the control in the control in which cable. This is a feature called TalkThrough with which we can turn off the system if we want to hear any conversation or a sound for which he uses the micro headphones to get us outside noise. It is not the intelligent system that we saw at the time but it’s something. In addition and as expected, this microphone allows the use of these headphones as hands-free.

PXC 480 Sennheiser feature an internal rechargeable battery with micro USB connection (required for noise cancellation system) that allows after a 3-hour charge, a range of up to 50 hours of use.

Price and availability

Still no specific date for commercialization, if we have at least an idea of what may be its price and is that with a cost of 300 dollars are facing a headset mid-range, almost high, for lovers of quality sound.

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