Seven benchmarks to measure the gross power of your computer in Windows, MacOS and GNU / Linux

Benchmarks pages are especially popular for measuring the gross power of smartphones and tablets, but are a little less used when talking about computers and laptops. That does not mean that there are no alternatives for PC. There are, and are especially useful for measuring the strength of our team, how far we can squeeze this or that game, or compare results with friends.

So today, we will propose seven of the best applications benchmark that you can find free, and we will try that among them we can meet the multiple desktop operating systems. Some are specialized in graphics power, while others give us a more general view of the computer, but among all we have tools to know in depth what we can expect from our hardware.

Before you start using any of the applications that you will give it is recommended that you follow a few tips to get your computer ready for testing. They are simple steps to optimize the PC and that the tests measure their real capacity without being influenced by expired elements or applications in the background.

The first step you need to take is to make sure you have all your updated drivers. With Windows 10 this will be done automatically if you have Windows Update enabled, but with previous versions you may have to do it manually. It is important that you do not update the drivers of any site other than the manufacturer’s official website or Windows Update itself.

To optimize the benchmark results is also important to prevent unnecessary applications that run on the operating system startup. This is important so that there is no background that consumes resources and makes the results worse than they should.

Finally, you should also temporarily disable automatic updates so they do not jump while you are performing the tests. In addition, before doing them it is also recommended that you restart your computer so that it is fresh and offers its maximum performance. When you restart it do not open any other program until you finish the tests.

benchmarks3DMark offers free demo for point tests

3DMark is possibly one of the most powerful tools and recognized market benchmark, but as such is paid, and if you want to use in Windows will have to pay 28 dollars. Still, its developers have available on Steam a free demo that can be used for specific tests.

3DMark includes a collection of testbeds to analyze the power of your computer, whether it is a modest tablet hybrid desktop operating system as if it is a powerful PC gamer 4K. It also allows you to monitor your computer or look for a setting that gets you better performance, and includes a Time Spy specially developed to measure the power of DirectX 12 on Windows 10 computers.

In the demo you can try out this Time Spy, as well as a Fire Strike for DirectX 11, the Sky Diver benchmark for gamer and midrange computers, the Cloud Gate for basic equipment and the Ice Storm for more modest mobile teams. Advanced tests for gaming not are able to use if you do not pay, but for a detailed analysis the demo should be enough. In addition, the available tests allow you to compare the results online.

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benchmarksNovaBench is fast and easy to use

NovaBench is a popular free alternative that has been developing since 2007, and can be used on both Windows and Mac platforms. It gives us an overall score for the computer as well as individual measurements of hardware components such as CPU, GPU, RAM and drive writing speed.

Its main feature is that it is extremely easy to use, and once open only have to give the button “Start Benchmark Test”, if any application to be closed to improve the measurement also would tell you before proceeding. The test is fast, and is done in just a couple of minutes, and the results can be uploaded online to compare them with your friends.

benchmarksPCMark has an interesting free basic version

Futuremark, the company behind the 3DMark of you have discussed before, also has another benchmark to spare known called PCMark, only available for Windows. Its complete version has a price of 45 dollars, but hidden in the page of the application you can find a basic version with which to make simple tests.

This basic version has the test Home to test workloads that reflect common tasks for a typical home user, the Creative to measure common charges among those working with multimedia publishers, and Work to test the performance with common workloads in offices, Such as writing documents, surfing the Internet or using videoconferencing.

benchmarksPrime95 specializes in overclocking

Another popular and veteran benchmark is the Prime95, which is especially known among lovers of overclocking. It is part of a project to find prime numbers of Mersenne, but contains different stress tests and modes of testbeds to measure the capabilities of your computer.

All you have to do is unzip the zip in which you download the application and run it, then hit “Just Stress Testing” to skip the step of creating an account and simply perform the test. You will have three to choose, and a fourth option to design the test to your measurement with the parameters that you indicate.

In tests, on the one hand you can make a stress test for FPU, but also one that measures the maximum power of the device and a third that use mostly your RAM. Once finished you will be shown the results, in which the smaller the number the better the result.

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benchmarksSiSoftware Sandra is simple and colorful

SiSoftware Sandra also takes a few years between us, and it is one of those programs that while benchmark has powerful paid versions also offer a more basic free. With it you can make a general analysis of the performance of your computer, but also analyze different specific components such as processor, the virtual machine or the graphics processor.

The overall analysis includes the results of your CPU, GPU, memory and performance file system, and the results will show a graphical showy in which see the strengths and weaknesses of your team, and you can compare it with Those of other reference computers. Come on, you have plenty to know in a simple way the power of your PC.

benchmarksUnigine Heaven, powerful and multiplatform

Unigine Heaven is one of the most interesting benchmarks like 3DMark when measuring the raw power of your graphics card alternatives. It measures the performance of your graphics controller through an elaborate and spectacular 3D animation, and all with a free full version only available for Windows, MacOS and GNU / Linux.

The program performs an extreme test of the stability of the hardware, makes a comparison of the results and supports DirectX 9, 11 and OpenGL 4.0. It supports multi-monitor configurations, it measures the temperature of the GPU and, if we do not have enough with what the free version offers, we also have a Pro of payment available. Works with ATI Radeon HD 4xxx, NVIDIA GeForce 8xxx, Intel HD 3000 and higher models.

benchmarksPhoronix Test Suite is specially designed for GNU / Linux

And we end up with a test that takes the platform concept to a new level, because the Phoronix Test Suite is available for GNU / Linux, Windows, MacOS, GNU Hurd, Solaris and BSD operating systems. Even so, it is specially designed for Linux, warns that for him are the complete features and allows download only in .tar.gz and .deb formats.

It runs on the terminal, and allows a simple test, a complete test until the battery runs out, or run your suite with a collection of varied test. Once the tests completed, will allow you to upload the results to page where other users also upload their results.

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