Seven perfumes that we have tried and we love

I assure a perfume is a safe bet when it comes to giving. Well, it is vital to know the tastes of the person to whom it is addressed, but it can also be a way to discover new olfactory horizons. So today we want to propose some of the perfumes that we tested, certainly on our list find some perfect for that person that you want to surprise.

Seven perfumes
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Gucci Guilty

It is a fragrance of the Eastern floral olfactory family. Her top notes are tangerine and pink pepper; The heart notes are geranium, peach and lilac and the bottom notes are patchouli and amber, chords that bring sweetness without becoming cloying or cargando and also enjoys a very good fixation.

Seven perfumes
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Deep Euphoria by Calvin Klein

This is the first floral chypre perfume Calvin Klein … a fragrance that evokes a sensual, powerful and uninhibited woman. It has a sparkling output consisting of pink pepper, cascalone and tangerine shells, while its delicious floral heart is starring the black magic rose, geranium and jambmn sambac. The patchouli, woods and minerals constitute their background and also contribute voluptuousness, elegance and fixation.

Seven perfumes
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La Nuit Tresor de Lancme

It is an intense, sweet and fruity fragrance with notes of pear as output. Its vanilla heart and black rose give it that floral spirit that characterizes it, while patchouli, Egyptian papyrus, incense, lychee and praline give it a seal of elegance that captivates.

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Le Parfum by Eliee Saab

This is a floral perfume, very feminine, enveloping and sensual thanks to And it’s Le Parfum I smell it like that, for those days when we feel our femininity more to flower. From the first moment you are surrounded by a floral cloud, something sweet and penetrating. Even slightly powdered but the cooler notes lighten it.

An eau de parfum with excellent fixation and a fragrance of those that leave footprint and wake. Jasmine is always present. A perfect perfume to go out to dinner with your blue prince (unless it is not to your liking and annoy romanticism).

My Burberry Eau de Parfum by Burberry

It has been inspired by the signature trench coat both triumphs each season, plus the tradition that the house is by design and British craftsmanship. My Burberry EDP aims to capture the essence of a London garden just sprayed by rain.

This is a British floral chypre contemporary possessing notes as striking as the sweet pea combined with bergamot, geranium leaf, golden quince and freesia. Its background has chords of Damascus rose and pink centifolia sprinkled by the rain, and the characteristic patchouli.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum

Its creation was inspired by the flavors of the Venetian countryside. Inside it hides an unusual fragrance: it is a floral-cyprus fragrance that starts at its entrance with notes of bergamot and pink pepper, medium notes of jasmine and plum and a final touch of patchouli, moss and leather.

Although at first it seems a fresh fragrance it is certain that turns quickly into a floral fragrance where the end leather gains in intensity what makes it a unique and recognizable perfume, with a very good fixation.

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

This fragrance sweet, sensual and somewhat mysterious is perfect for use at night (although day can succeed with a couple of sprays). Among its notes are the spikenard and the jasmine of Arabia, while the more intense notes are provided by the tonka bean and cacao.

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