Testing speed WiFi

After the breakup of your old modem and after reading my guide on the subject, you’ve decided to buy some new router, more powerful and above all without wires. You’ve done really well, I cannot tell you anything else. However, if you’re here and you’re reading these lines it seems clear to me that now I would like to test the performance of your new purchase for speed but do not have the slightest idea how to do. I am wrong? No, indeed. Well, given the situation I cannot help if you do not suggest that you take a few minutes of free time, well sit back and focus on reading my post on how to test Wi-Fi speed by which, in fact, I shall give you all the explanations in the case.

In the following lines I will point you in fact to some useful online services and apps for mobile devices to which you can appeal for Wireless effect the speed of your line test as well as a number of useful tips that, if problems arise, they can help you improve receiving, and thus the speed of your WiFi network as well as the use of the line.

So if you are actually interested in the question, I suggest you not to lose more precious time, to ban the chatter and immediately begin to concentrate on my reading of this guide. Do not worry, all the operations that you will need to take to be able to test WiFi speeds are extremely simple to perform. Enjoy the reading!

Testing speed WiFi
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Preliminary operations

Before entering the tutorial alive and before you start to see how to test WiFi speeds, make sure you have the situation well under control trying to put into practice measures that are listed below.

  • Close all programs running on your computer, except for the browser with which effectuate the connection test.
  • Verify that the network is committed to not download or upload “heavy” making sure that none of the devices connected to your modem / router (computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TV, etc..) Is making downloading, uploading or streaming.
  • Make sure your browser supports Flash Player since some speed tests still need this plugin to work. If you do not know how to enable Flash Player in your browser.

Then keep in mind that in going to put into practice the signs to test WiFi speeds that you find in the following lines the connection might return results, so to speak, “distorted” because of problems related to poor signal reception. Not that this should happen but considering such a possibility, if you need to obtain reliable results at 101% is certainly recommended that you test the connection by connecting the computer to the modem / router via Ethernet cable .

Tools to test WiFi speeds

Ookla Speed Test

Now to the action real and we see how to test the speed of the wireless connection thanks to some speed tests available free on the net. To begin with, I suggest you contact the Ookla Speedtest. It is one of the most famous instruments belonging wing category in question. It is widely used around the world in a personalized way and is also used by several providers on their websites.

Ookla Speedtest is available in two different versions: a “classic”, which requires support from the aforementioned Flash Player and still in beta testing that is based on HTML5 technology and therefore it is fully functional even on browsers that do not to have the Flash support. Below is explained how to serve is that of one of the alternatives

  • Speedtest version classic Ookla – Connect to the main page of the service, click on the button Settings located at the top right and expand the drop-down menu Speed measurement to select the unit of measure with which to measure the performance of your connection: kbps, kilobytes, megabits or megabytes . Afterwards, click the button Save, back on the front page of the speed test and click on the button Start test.
  • Ookla HTML5 version speedtest – Connect to the home page of the service and click the button Go. If you want to customize the unit of measure for the test results, click on the item Settings located at the top right and select one of two options available next to the entry Speed : Mbps or Kbps.

In both cases, the values of ping upload and download of your line will be carried out after a short connection test, which will be provided in a summary screen.

As well as through the Web browser, the spedtest Ookla can also be made through the appropriate app available for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) and computer (Windows and MacOS).

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Sos Rates

You can test WiFi speeds even using the special tool made available by Sos Rates, the famous website for the comparison of telephone charges (and not only). It runs on any browser and operating system, provided you have the Flash Player installed on your computer or use a browser that integrates it.

To start the test, connected to the SOS website Rates and make sure that next to the entry your operator is correctly indicated the name of your Internet provider. If you do not, click the links not your carrier? And select your carrier from the list of the logo that appears on the right side of the screen.

Then type the name of your town of residence in the text field enter your town (use the suggestions to auto-complete to avoid compilation errors), select the rated speed of your line (i.e. that provided “on paper” to time of signing the agreement or in respect of any amendments to it) from its drop-down menu What is the rated speed of your ADSL? and then press the button Continue.

Then enter your email address, postcode and the monthly expense that you claim to subscribe to the Internet in the appropriate text fields and then accept the terms of service and put a check mark next to the entry only I accept the terms and conditions and privacy information. Finally, start the connection test by clicking on the button Start the Speed Test.

Once completed the speed test with Sos Rates, you know the latency, download and upload of your Internet connection as well as advice on other offers that may interest you.


Another useful tool to test WiFi speed at which you can rely is NetMeter. This is an online tool through which you can find out the actual speed of your connection in download and upload, the value of the table and the degree of network stability. Try it and you’ll see that you will not regret.

To begin using it, click on the button Start test – speedtest and wait for the evaluation of the above values is performed. When finished, you will see a summary page with very detailed graphics relating to benefits in download and upload connection and many other technical details. If desired, you can also share the results of the test using the button Share on Facebook or embed codes placed at the bottom.

I make that NetMeter is also available in the form of application for Android by which you can measure in comfort the performance of your line even from smartphones and tablets.


I also point out another service that you can use to test WiFi speeds through the browser, which generally uses to surf the net. It is SpeedOfMe. Its interface is a bit “spartan” but it is very reliable, being based on HTML5, technology works without any type of problem on any browser or device without the need for external plugins.

How does it work? Simple: first of all linked to the home page of the service and click Start Test … located at the bottom left. Wait so that the test of your Internet connection is initiated and completed (will take a few moments) after which you will be shown the results for download, upload and table at the bottom of the screen.

In case of problems

Using the tools to test speed WiFi that I showed you in the previous rows have produced results far below expectations, or even better, much lower than expected contract your ADSL or fiber? Then try to do the following, you may be able to cope with it in a heartbeat!

  • Change the location of the modem / router – I am sure that at first glance may seem trivial but, believe me, in case of problems also try to change the location of the modem / router can help you to enjoy the full speed of your connection wireless. Then try placing your modem / router at a different point in your house so as to reduce the maximum distance to travel when you connect from the remotest corners. The ideal would be at the center of your home.
  • Change the WiFi dl modem / router channel – Although the modem / more modern routers are able to change the WiFi channel automatically going to select the best one, in some cases it can happen to run into annoying transmission problems that do not allow to enjoy full performance of the own line. That’s why change the WiFi signal channel can be handy.
  • Reboot your modem / router and repeat the test – What the modem / router can get “stuck” and not work properly it is far from impossible, trust me. In this case, turn off and on the device could afford to cope with the problem. However, if after making what the results continue to be well below expectations, I suggest you move to the next step.
  • Contact the customer service of your Internet provider – Temporary issues or failures can affect the performance of your Internet connection. Precisely for this reason, I suggest you get in touch with the customer service of your manager and try to solve demanding action on the line. The operator will carry out the controls on the network and, if necessary, will send a technician to verify your plant.

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