The 10 winning films and 10 decliners summer

In Hollywood they give and terminating the summer and begin to make profit and loss statements, lists the triumphs and failures that left the box office in recent months.

It is interesting how the United States has the feeling that has been a bad summer for cinema, when the reality shows that the valuations have not fallen as much as you think and were worst years. We have bad memory. Box office has not been so bad, jumped alarms with a couple of failures but also emerged surprises and in total has been raised 4,117,000 dollars, only 7.7% less than last year.

Top 10 Films 2016
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10 premieres that have devastated this summer

1- Finding Dory: The latest sequel to Pixar studio is the most successful summer in the office box US: 480 million dollars and Global revenue: $ 930m.

2- Captain America: Civil War: Marvel aimed to exceed the figures of ‘Batman v Superman’ and not just what has been achieved; now it is the highest grossing film of the year. Box office USA: $ 407M and Global revenue: $ 1.152M.

3- The Secret Life of Pets: This version of ‘Toy Story’ animal that has been taken out of the hat the Illumination study is being one of the biggest hits of 2016 and is already up a sequel. Box office USA: $354M and Global revenue: $725M.

4- Suicide Squad: Warner risked and won! It might have been better if they had relied on David Ayer and Jared Leto, but it’s funny and sometimes that’s all you need. Therefore, a tremendous publicity campaign, a cast of stars and massive, light distribution, no longer a Hollywood blockbuster. Box office USA: $ 286M and Global revenue: $ 640M.

5- Central Intelligence: With a budget of 50 million, the action comedy that brings together two of the worlds highest paid stars, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, was not disappointed at the box office. Box office USA: $ 127M and Global revenue: $ 212M.

6- The Angry Birds Movie: The adaptation of the video game franchise is the most successful Sony this summer; and also preparing a sequel. Box office USA : $ 107M. Global revenue: $ 347m.

7- The Conjuring 2: Terror has devastated this summer and the proposed gender luckier this sequel box office has been orchestrated by James Wan. Box office USA : $ 102M and Global revenue: $ 319M.

8- Bad Moms: 20 million cost this rowdy comedy starring three mothers burdened with the routine that just want to have a good time. The crowd accompanied them. Box office USA: $ 96M and Global revenue: $ 125M.

9- The Purge: Election Year: Another of the most profitable films of the year, its budget was 10 million. Also it confirms that the public demands stories for over 18 years and that the idea of a night where all crimes are permitted can give much play … Box office USA: $ 79M and Global revenue: $ 105M.

10- Lights Out: We ended the TOP 10 with another novelty of terror that bears the signature of Wan (this time only as a producer). It cost 5 million and earnings being higher than expected. Box office USA: $ 65M and Global revenue: $ 126M.

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10 premieres that have disappointed this summer

1- Ben-Hur: A disaster that was seen coming from before Paramount showed the first trailer. Timur Bekmambetov adds another failure in his career in Hollywood with this unnecessary version, which cost 100 million. Box office USA : $ 20M and Global revenue: $ 42M.

2- Alice Through the Looking Glass: Raise 300 million and that your film is a failure is only possible in the Hollywood industry; Disney 170 million was spent in this sequel to Tim Burton film that surpassed the barrier of 1,000 million at the box office. It is believed that the controversial divorce from Johnny Depp could alienate some of the audience. Box office USA: $ 77M and Global revenue: $ 295M.

3- Star Trek Beyond: It was No. 1, but its business career is falling below expectations and will not reach the figures of the two previous installments (orchestrated by JJ Abrams). Perhaps it was a mistake to give the green light to a budget of 185 million with a saturated summer premieres. Box office USA: $ 151M and Global revenue: $ 244M.

4- Ghostbusters: Except for the imbecile lobby macho, almost all wanted this reboot was a great success but it is not being. It cost too much, 144 million. Nor is it a failure, and merchandising should be generating profits because Sony intends to expand the franchise … Box office USA: $ 125M and Global revenue: $ 217m.

5- Warcraft: The Origin: The ambitious video game adaptation performed by Duncan Jones was about to become one of the biggest disasters in recent years but, luckily for Universal and Legendary, China came to the rescue (220m after passing through Asian billboards) and talk of a sequel. Box office USA: $ 47M and Global revenue: $ 433M.

6- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: Similar to ‘Star Trek beyond’, if the goal of No. 1 box office but the subsequent tour makes it clear that there was much interest in the sequel to invest so much money (it cost 135 million) is achieved. The first part raised it twice. Box office USA: $ 81M and Global revenue: $ 242M.

7- Independence Day: Resurgence: The sequel to Roland Emmerich has been one of the blockbusters most disappointing summer; It has recovered 165 million budget, however, will be far from the more than 800 that harvested the first delivery in 1996. Box office USA: $ 102M and Global revenue: $ 382m.

8- The BFG: Hard to believe that a Disney blockbuster directed by Steven Spielberg end up being one of the fiascos summer but the study has not been fine selling this show and maybe was too innocent story to conquer the current public … Box office USA : $ 54M and Global revenue: $ 160M.

9- Free State of Jones: 50 million were invested in building this historical drama directed by Gary Ross (‘The Hunger Games’) and starring Matthew McConaughey; in view of the results, it is clear that have failed to sell the proposal. Box office USA: $ 20M.

10- Popstar: Never Stop: With 20 million budget we cannot speak of a major failure but this comedy led by Andy Samberg premiere got the worst summer for a release with more than 1,000 copies (usual in the United States). Box office USA: $ 9M.

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