The Analysis Division, the game that will delight the Destiny-haters

Throughout all these months, ‘The Division’ has been one of the games that have aroused most interest, so no wonder that finished breaking records Ubisoft launch. Both physical and digital, it is the most sold in its first 24 hours of the the life of the title company.

The French company is very strong bet with Tom Clancy IP, and many were surprised at the time with its spectacular presentation of E3 2013. But a couple of days came the litmus test, that of putting in PC sales, PS4, and Xbox One, and we gave you our new impressions after 10 hours of play. Now comes our final assessment.

And the truth is that not much has changed in this period of 48 hours. The faults are still there and we have become more apparent lagoons, mainly related to the null variety of bosses, which tend to recur in excess missions history and a certain unimaginative tactics occasions (What is no longer a challenge a boss? You put two).

While on the other hand, it does yield enough variety in the places and the objectives of each mission to the expectation not to relax and not let go command. It is a game that traps and you always have things to do, either in the form of secondary missions or meetings, and where we will notice that we are evolving with each level.

‘The Division’ is a game that will more according to to deeper with him and at the same time is more fun the better we are (for all that we unblocking, which is not bad), but its launch failures prevent the catalog as an essential. But certainly we are looking at an IP of Ubisoft with a good foundation for the future.

The Division
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Hello again, The Division agents

The beginning of this adventure with mild doses of MMO takes us, as we stress a few days ago to Brooklyn. Although it is an area that becomes the first contact, as a tutorial, so that we have clear concepts of ‘The Division’.

It is a shooter third-person copy automation of the RPG, as the subdivision Diablo (white, green, blue, purple and orange, from worst to best object) and the possibility of equipping different skills, with which you will change the style our Agent (medical field to support automatic turrets, for example). It also is a game that requires a mandatory Internet connection (we knew since it was announced, but we stress for the clueless), so we can not play it offline even if we want to enjoy it alone.

The latter becomes vital knowing that these days servers ‘The Division’ do not walk fine. Yesterday I was in session non-stop from morning to night, and it is true that I encountered fewer problems than on Tuesday (Monday was me well), but I had occasional falls.

Luckily, this time, they were more permissive and did not affect me at the end of missions. The fact is that it is not acceptable that in a game of this nature have to endure such errors. Ubisoft should put the batteries, especially considering a large number of players who are having these days and many that surely will join over the weeks.

It is an online game does not mean, in any case, that we can not play our ball, alone, without joining other agents. It not very complicated if we are prudent (another story is difficult to level and the challenges, although there already presupposes that we are seasoned and level 30), but grace, however, is to enjoy the adventure with others.

And here ‘The Division’ we facilitated in various ways. Or from the menu agent, seeing what friends are connected (to join or unite the patrol) from the map (to know where they are), or from the safe houses and match making ( the latter, also from each mission). Unlike ‘Destiny’, his biggest rival, throughout Manhattan, where the bulk of the story unfolds, we will at all times around the map to your contacts. But not in the game itself. We see their ghosts, so to speak, until we are in the same patrol.And what would be the Tower of ‘Destiny’ we would have safe houses in different neighborhoods of Manhattan.

Operating Base, our starting point

Base Operations ‘The Division’, as detailed on other occasions, is our main starting point and from where will progress as Agents. This base also is unique to each player. We can only get us and all the improvements we make will be for our agent only. And this will, as previously explained, thanks to the different wings.

There will be three types of main missions in Manhattan: the Medical Wing (green), the Technology (orange) and Security (blue). Fulfilling these missions or meetings, we obtain supplies related to that specific wing and after that, we can use to buy upgrades of said wing.

These improvements will be reflected in the base, enabling new areas. In many cases, they will be purely aesthetic details while others bring us more really useful things, like a store with better weapons or a shooting gallery. In addition, for every improvement of a wing, we will get talents and advantages, as well as certain skills. Or put another way, we will not be competent agents but improve the different wings of the Base Operations.

Initially, we can only have two active skills, but in any case, we can exchange them at any time. Sometimes interested in having a spray first aid with an adhesive bomb, while in other situations could well be supplemented by an automatic turret with a pulse (a scan of the combat zone providing improved damage to the Agents). Against a boss, a sniper if he gave me left me with a life point, almost literally, I ended up opting for the turret and saved my life. And for this kind of modifications, it takes only a few seconds.

Another story is the talents, which I personally seem very limited. Here initially we have only one slot (the other three are unlocked at levels 15, 25 and 30), so we can only choose a talent.And what bring the talents? You may ask. For bonuses of all kinds and passively.

For example: if you kill an enemy with our handgun (can be a pistol or a shotgun with infinite ammo), we received 30 shots for the main weapon;or crony, one that more I used it, that after reviving an Agent reduce damage by 50% for 10 seconds. The pity is that, that being level 30 would only 4 slots, and in total there are 24 talents (8 per wing).

Draws attention, instead, that all the advantages are passive and does not choose them missing: all are activated at the same time as the unblock on each wing. These focus on improving the ability of medicine chests, virus protection, increase the percentages of experience and money, and so on.

All we can do for Manhattan

We said initially the null variety of bosses who are in ‘The Division’. This also applies to different kinds of enemies, which are divided into factions Rioters, Cleaners, and Last Man Battalion Rikers. Basically, they divided into those who will sack and attacking melee, those who choose sub-machine guns or assault rifles, which are equipped with flamethrowers or snipers.

Of course, the artificial intelligence of the enemies is commendable, since at advanced levels will not hesitate to outflank our position tickling looking for us. And let alone in the Dark Zone, where they meet the elite and senior. That becomes a suicide mission if we go alone.

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Although in this sense ‘The Division’ can not offer much variety (the end of the day it describes a real environment ravaged by a pandemic: no aliens, or zombies or rare creatures, but all are human, more or lesser degree of madness), which really stands out is how well advantage is the district of Manhattan. And we were gawking at the beta and the final version we have surrendered again. It offers more depth than can be seen with the naked eye and environments are not repeated. Each mission is a world so that somehow alleviates the shortage of enemies to create new challenges in completely different environments. For example, the Broadway Emporium, one of the missions of the medical wing with more “warm” welcome.

In the meetings, instead, yes sins repetitive the game by having more standard objectives, such as holding a position to defend waves of enemies, find virus samples or clear an enemy fortress. Although they are also short-term missions and not become heavy.

Major side missions have that report no provision for different wings of our base, and yes are fresh, with other unique goals. Some play with ECHO, a technology that recreates, through Augmented Reality, a vivid scene in the past with which gather clues and others to restore the energy of a neighborhood. They are a good way to earn substantial amounts of experience, especially at advanced levels.

We can also help some civilians who roam the streets by giving them water or energy bars, like a ‘Mad Max’ it was, gaining experience and clothing. Now,the streets of Manhattan sometimes seem somewhat deserted and we can go half a kilometer without encountering any enemy. In this respect, I appreciate life more despite being the pandemic that continues to be primed human to not find a cure lives.

The Dark Zone Division, where the party is

Throughout all of the Manhattan, we would experience solo and cooperative. But also, within the island of New York, is the so -called Dark Zone, a place which would be QUARENTENA PvP ‘The Division’, that is competitive and without law.

We can venture alone (not recommended) or together with other agents. Or go alone but after making alliances with other people. The fact is that is a very hard area and where to get the best loot. There are the enemies of greater range and caskets that can unlock only getting the necessary level of ZO (Dark Zone).

The grace of this area, as we explained earlier in our first impressions with the beta, is that all the loot you get will be contaminated. If we want to be sure, we must remove it first, and it will have to throw a flare at any point of extraction. An account will start back until the helicopter comes to secure these objects … but also the rest of enemies, whether AI or other players. And that’s where the biggest feasts of bullets are mounted.

We can say that if we do not make the extraction and we left the Dark Zone, we lose the objects that have succeeded. Moreover, if they kill us, we also give rise to any player can get that booty made in the ZO. Hence the importance of extraction. Not forgetting that at death we lose a little money and experience the range of the ZO.

It is the most fun way if we go online competitive game, but also the most level required to get out of there with guarantees. It is advisable to first focus on the story and when we have (or believe to have) a competent agent, then enter the Dark Zone for better equipment.

The opinion of VidaExtra

The penalty is mentioned at the beginning: for now, Ubisoft’s servers are not going very fine. Yesterday I could play without rest and almost without mistakes, but I had a couple of falls, and just one of them was in the ZO. And in a game of this nature, you can not miss such a vital aspect.

Nevertheless, ‘The Division’ is an engaging game that has along journey ahead. We do not know if you get to beat the giant Bungie, but their numbers are on track. When Ubisoft note the mistakes we explained in our analysis and in our impressions of a few days ago, another rooster crow.

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