The anti-cellulite mud

The sludge is an effective natural element to combat different skin problems, first of all, cellulite. The dress rehearsal is “around the corner” and we cannot hide! For those who work hard in the gym all year round and for those who follow a healthy diet the results are satisfactory and there is no problem but for those who are still in the middle of its path of physical makeover we can give some advice to shape the body quickly and say goodbye to cellulite and a few blemishes too! We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-edema properties of sludge have always known and are therefore used for centuries in cosmetics as a natural remedy to regenerate the skin and tissues.

In fact, they are used with success on the face to smooth out wrinkles or to deal with the acne and various skin problems. Visit Waxing in NYC to get best care of waxing.

The mud is rich in minerals that unlock the stagnation of liquids and products on the market are the result of a specific compound of mud, of course, hot springs, trace elements, clay and algae in different percentages depending on the type.

However, be careful because before you use them you need to test the tolerability and are highly recommended for those who have problems with varicose veins or too sensitive skin.


Types of sludge

There are various types of mud and each presents unique peculiarities. The volcanic mud, for example, is great for eliminating stagnated cellulite and to prevent or treat the first stretch marks, are of course sulfur-rich that allows, once lying on the affected part, to generate hydrogen sulfide useful to release toxins and smooth, and moisturize the skin.

Then there are special muds based salts that in addition to fighting the cellulite are great for circulation and to eliminate the swelling.

Finally the commercial and known are the seaweed Guam sludge, a mixture of algae, clays, essential oils and other plant extracts such as horse chestnut, ivy, and kelp, all wrapped in the aroma lemon and oregano. The Guam seaweed mud are the most effective against cellulite but also against the adiposity of the skin that tends to become, after a complete cycle of an application, very flexible, compact and with fewer centimeters around the thigh!

Mud cellulite “DIY”

The sludge can be prepared even in the home because it is simple to find on the market the raw materials to make them.

A fast recipe involves the use of green clay, cross coffee (for its draining and slimming properties), infusion of green tea ( antioxidant), olive oil (emollient) and different essential oils to scent (rosemary, lemon …). Mingle before the clay, the coffee grounds, and the tea together with the oil and once obtained a homogeneous, smooth compound combine essential oils. This type of mud DIY is very simple and economical, and obvious results are obtained if you also add a little ‘perseverance in applications! Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

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