The boom of Chief Digital Officer, professional wishing all companies

One of the obligations that are now placed on companies is to adapt to the network.Internet has become no longer a kind of additional element or an issue that can prop up the main line of the company, but in a scenario that devote attention fully and one that companies have to adapt. The truth is that the Internet does not work the same way as the other scenarios that so far companies have had to move. The network requires different things. Brands have to be faster, have to learn a new language and need to understand the requirements that consumers have in Internet are different. Moreover, in that scenario he has appeared a new figure. He was born the chief digital officer and its presence in companies is increasingly common.

Chief Digital Officer Careers
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The last major firms sign a chief digital officer was Nike. The company just announced that would make your head of global strategy and development, Adam Sussman, as new head of digital strategy. Sussman will have to unite the online and offline efforts to shore up the position of the brand in the mobile world and eCommerce. Professional has a career closely linked to the online world. Prior to working at Nike was a vice president of Zynga, the online gaming company, and previously worked in companies such as Disney or EA Mobile. Moreover, his appointment and curriculum are clear examples to understand why professionals with this background as digital are becoming as important for brands and positioning element and why companies are increasingly incorporating professionals this level.

As pointed out in a study recently PwC, yet few companies worldwide that have a CDO (an acronym for digital chief officer), although the role of the same is increasingly important and very existence is becoming increasingly relevant. For now, only 6% of companies worldwide have a CDO although this figure is growing fast and, above all, companies focused on the consumer are carrying it out. That is, firms that want to conquer the final consumer begin to know that they need a worker to guide the digital conversion and one to do it from a point of power.

CDOs are right now more prevalent among large firms (often before anyone else who see the new changes and the demands it imposes) and among those who are most advanced in the renewal associated with the digital revolution. The hiring of these profiles is in fact closely linked to changes in recent years. 80% of the CDO have been hired since 2012. That is, 8 out of 10 workers occupying this office have been engaged between 2012 and 2015, showing that it is now when firms have realized this need.

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The perfect digital chief officer

How is the chief digital officer? The CDO is, as noted in a study on the subject of Deloitte, “the executive in charge of all things digital.” This explains quite well how those in this position are. Brands require them a high level of knowledge of what is happening on the Internet. The CDO will be responsible for leading the digital transformation and lead the way to go. It is a sort of evangelist network and will be able to push the company into what is required quickly and efficiently.

Professionals who are responsible for these charges play have careers linked to marketing and sales, as well as technology. They are workers who are able to adapt quickly to change and are well aware of the requirements imposed by the network. Your job objective is clear. As noted in the study of PwC, they have to “use mobile and online interactions with the hope of creating the best user experience and completely transform the performance of employees and the way in which companies offer their products and services”.

Internet is unavoidable

The boom of the CDO and the fact that companies increasingly need them (and increasingly seek proactively) is also just a sign that companies need more and more experts in online and changes imposed by the network and these are increasingly integrated in the strategy and the requirements that must be met every day a brand. Internet has completely changed what the company should do and has done well as a cross-shape, one that affects all departments and the marketing area is not able to escape.

In fact, if the qualities most sought in employees look you can see this reality.LinkedIn just released a list with the skills demanded marks when searching for their new workers and the internet is very present (while there are many skills that are very important in branding strategy and the work of the department of marketing). The first of the capabilities you want is knowledge and distributing cloud computing, but behind it and get one of those issues that brands are increasingly asking their workers to position the brand.

The second most demanded large capacity is being good in statistical analysis and data mining, another example of the power of data in the future of business.

The list is completed with many other crucial skills in marketing at the time of the network and in which, moreover, the CDO must demonstrate skills and knowledge of first level.The third defendant’s ability to be good at management of marketing campaigns and the fourth domain of SEO and SEM. Mobile development is sixth, designing user interfaces adapted to tenth and sixteenth channel marketing is, to give a couple of examples.

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