The feeling of love

But what is this intense emotion that invades our being when we see or think about a particular person? It is the feeling of love. How is it manifested? Why is it so good? You can last a lifetime?

But what is this intense emotion that invades our being when we see or think about a particular person? It is the feeling of love. How is it manifested? Why is it so good? You can last a lifetime? We show the clarification of this mystery of nature so exciting…

The first feel of love
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A deep affection

The love can be defined as a deep condition that pushes the person who feels it to seek proximity to the loved one. Of course, the intensity varies by person, i.e. it may be weak, strong or even obsessive hardly controllable.

The budding love is manifested by numerous signs that do not lie, as palpitations a lump in my throatsweaty palms, or even an immense happiness that invades us to think or see the desired person. This is what distinguishes the love and friendship.

Love mechanisms

Psychiatrists and psychoanalysts go further: the feeling of love not develops by chance, but our unconscious chooses the person you want to develop. A face, a voice, a gesture … These elements reanimation buried emotional memories, like the fusion bond with the mother, as a kind of savior regression. Because it is well known, in a loving state, emotions intensify, euphoria and dependence develop and reality becomes more boned to, is like daydreaming … It is so prevalent that our eyes and our ears only they focus on things that match our expectations. So we tend to minimize defects other and projecting our ideals and our desires about it. Moreover, it would not say that love is blind? This feeling may also modify our behavior: we become more tolerant and patient with the desired person. Freud said of certain women with low self-esteem that could completely change personality and interests with each new partner…

The psychological disorder

Researchers also focus on this feeling. Apart from a deep desire for emotional security and physical pleasure, the body becomes a place of true disorders hormone. Endorphins, LHRH, oxytocin and especially testosterone, central hormone of sexual desire … All these molecules are released at the time of lovemaking and allow this disinhibition and finding ever increasing, caress. All this then produces dopamine and vehicle of “motivation”.

The differences between men and women

All these emotions and hormones are released roughly the same in both sexes. However, certain differences of perception are appreciated.

  • The men show a “sexual” dimension much more present. That is, testosterone tends to gain their objectivity, their thinking skills and their value systems.
  • As for the women, their operation is completely different. Although the same emotions (particularly sexual desire), the feeling of love is more present the effect of a “drug”. When a woman is in touch with his family, his whole affective system warns. And, just as her lover is absent, it highlights the absence syndrome.

The duration Love

The feeling of love is generated, first, by a passion (mutual or not). But it is obviously ephemeral. Scientists and psychiatrists agree on the fact that love lasts an average of only three years. This does not mean it disappears! However, it suffers a shift, more prone to tenderness, mutual respect and the desire to gather around a common project (home, children). After passion comes reason, the desire for stability. But sexual fulfillment persists.

There remains a question: love, once gone, can you come back? The answers are attenuated. How to return to this state of trance and bliss to a being who has disappointed or deceived? It all depends on the situation experienced and the reasons that have caused the separation.

Love is essential to our physical and emotional happiness. Although it is possible to find true love several times in the course of life, the hardest thing is to keep and maintain the flame in the day. Worry about the other, endlessly raise desire and share common interests: here are some secrets of lasting love.

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