The Ford Mondeo ‘ST-Line’ of 180 hp with saloons like that, who wants an SUV

Today we want to talk to you about what is probably one of the best general saloons at the time: the Ford Mondeo ST-Line 2.0 TDCi 180 hp Powershift, because we believe that variety is the spice and there is no single SUV. The reality is that segment D sedans are sold less. Perhaps because they have grown and have moved away from the concept of mid-size sedan old, or most probably because what is fashionable now are SUVs, SUVs or SUVs light.

Certainly the ‘look SUV’ has hooked, but also convinces many circulating at a higher car, which gives a sense of go safer, “like a tank.” However, a higher car like an SUV generally has certain counterparts: higher height and consequently higher center of gravity, higher mass, larger frontal surface and worse aerodynamics, and consequently, with the exception of honorable exceptions, a less agile driving dynamics And a slightly higher consumption.

Ford Mondeo ‘ST-Line’: Sporty look

The Ford Mondeo currently presented in the old continent at the end of 2014, although deep does not let be the Ford Fusion since the 2012 US enjoy. Along with the Ford Mustang, which the front of the Mondeo certain air occurs (saving the differences) they may be the two most attractive models Ford of this generation.

Version ST-Line is if anything perhaps something even more attractive than the rest of the range, with a slightly more sporty look: to start the front is different, highlighting the black grille hexagons, rather than a grid of horizontal bars Chrome plated. Also different are the headlights (although they are halogen), the fog lights and the LED daytime running light. Also included is a sports kit with small skirts, side braces, and rear diffuser, as well as specific bitono 18-inch alloy wheels and rear tinted (really very dark, almost black).

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The Ford Mondeo is a 5 – door sedan, a station wagon bodywork family saloon, or a 4-door sedan. In the body 4 – door can only be acquired with the hybrid engine of 186 hp continuously variable automatic and change, or in the more exclusive version, luxurious and (somewhat more expensive too) Vignale (hybrid, diesel 180 and 210 hp 240 hp petrol). For the other versions, if you do not want a ranchera, the only option is the body of 5 doors, with tailgate. It is made in Valencia, in the Almussafes factory.

In version ST-Line this body is really good, with the moon roof and falling gently to a third volume of trunk very sneaky, resulting in a line a little coupe, which does not appear that the Mondeo sedan measures 4.87 m long , 1.85 m wide, 1.48 m high and 2.85 m of battle.

Let’s face it, 4.87 m in length is a lot of length, where we do not usually decide for such large cars, and it is not always easy to park the car. In fact, more than sedan segment D, with those dimensions are in the range of saloons segment E (and happens in almost all similar models, Volkswagen Passat, Renault Talisman, Mazda6, Peugeot 508, Opel Insignia, etc). Moreover, C SUV segment sales have taken many saloons, have a size more content for the day, such as the Nissan Qashqai, which measures just 4.38 m long.

Spacious, comfortable and modern interior

Sports touches on the Ford Mondeo ST-Line 2.0 TDCi 180 hp powershift not limited only to the outside. Inside we find a specific wheel to the line ST-Line, with polished aluminum details and perforated leather, very good touch and size, and aluminum pedals and sports front seats with red stitching.

Optionally, as is the case of this unit we tested, you can choose a sports seats that combine leather and fabric , black in color and with red stitching (and white). The leather is quite thick and sturdy and the fabric has a fabric reminiscent of the carbon fiber. These seats, as well as beautiful, hold the body well and do not slip.

The seats are very comfortable, have the backrest a little hard and good lumbar adjustment, with enough possibility of regulation of it. The head restraints have tilt adjustment, so they can be very close to the neck, limiting in case of reaching the head recoil and the consequences in the cervical. The steering wheel is adjusted in height and depth.

While we liked the front headrests, we must comment that the headrests of the rear seats are a bit hard and a little uncomfortable. The rear central square is usable with a soft soft, and the central tunnel is not too high or annoying and there is free height to the ceiling for an adult without touching it with his head.

The legroom is correct, but we do not seem to stand out given the size of the car, and in particular because you cannot stretch your legs well under the front seats, giving the feeling that there is a little less space, Although the one at knee height is remarkable. For example in a koda Superb is no more room.

The ceiling height is good for people up to about 1.85 m, very well if we consider the design of the car with the roof rather fallen towards the back moon as we said before. Access is pretty good, because the doors rear have a very wide opening angle close to 90 degrees.

In general we must recognize a very good quality interior trim. Visually the materials are pleasing to the eye and feel, soft and padded in most of the areas that are close to the hand, and also the pieces are tightly tied together. It is true that anyone who sets a lot can find some small improvements (such as the adjustment of the plastic of the perimeter of the gear lever, or the appearance of the door handles).

For the interior different textures and materials are used that generate contrasts that result in an elegant overall harmony of modern appearance: smooth or rough plastic with leather texture, matt aluminum or shiny chrome for some details, and satin or black titanium colored plastic Bright piano in certain moldings. Do not abuse the very bright surfaces (neither in chrome, nor in piano black plastic), so in general there are no glares or annoying reflections for the driver.

It also does not reflect the 8-inch touchscreen of the center console, whose level of brightness allows it to look good by day with sun. The multimedia system connectivity Sync 3 car GPS navigation includes no reports clearly radar or traffic conditions. It is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. The voice control is quite useful, and rarely fails. This version also includes a Sony sound equipment of good quality and quite powerful.

With this screen is not dappled center console buttons, but change some features of the dual zone climate control can only be adjusted via said touch screen. The instrument cluster is analog, with the on-board color computer display between the two spheres.

To finish speaking the cockpit of the Ford Mondeo, we should mention that the feel of some of the buttons on the steering wheel is improved (higher), the center armrest is adjustable in height, that the footrest of the driver is a bit Narrow or that accessibility to the gap for objects in front of the shift lever is regular. However, all these are small details that some drivers will not find as inconveniences, that it states.

The trunk is large, and so is the gate, leaving a very wide load mouth and great accessibility to the entire trunk. The gate also rises a lot without risk to hit the head, although the small people may have some problem to reach the handle with which to close it.

However the trunk has a bit of trick: without a spare wheel (or if it was an emergency) the volume is 550 l, a good size, although not the largest in its category; However with a real tire and over large, width 235, the floor of the trunk is higher and volume is lost, reducing to 458 l, which is not so good (it is no less true that in the latter case Fill “holes under the floor). For example, a Volkswagen Passat has more trunk.

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Big and powerful car, but without spending more than the bill

This Ford Mondeo we tested is diesel and automatic. Its engine is the 2.0 TDCi of 180 hp and 400 Nm (132 kW, 179.52 hp), block 4 – cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder, direct injection common rail, turbocharger geometry variable and intercooler. It is associated with an automatic dual – clutch (multidisc oil bath) 6 – speed Ford called Powershift.

With this engine and change the Mondeo Kerb weight 1,589 kg, accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.6 s and has approved a combined consumption of 4.8 l / 100 km.

The engine is very quiet at idle, and the typical diesel purr is almost imperceptible. There is no vibration inside either. When you accelerate decisively there is some purring noise or diesel vibration, but at all times the noise gets very damped, and a high level of refinement is perceived.

The Ford Mondeo is a model with very good overall soundproofing of the car, as there is also very little noise aerodynamic and very little road noise, even with big wheels wearing this test unit.

The gearbox works so very soft , even maneuvering back and forth at low speed, for example by parking (something not usually do so gently a Volkswagen Passat, for example, which is easier to have a little pull). In contrast, this box may not be as fast in the changes as a DSG of the Volkswagen group, because there is a little delay in stepping on the accelerator, especially in the D mode.

Between the D mode and S mode of the gearbox there is about 500 rpm difference. In D mode, efficiency is high and the gearbox usually has the engine below 2,000 turns. On motorway at 120 km / h the motor just rotates at around 2,000 rpm. In driving, the engine with this box has a very linear response, and responds with sufficient force even from very low turns (approximately 1,100 to 1,200 rpm).

During the test, almost always circulating in mode D of the change, with a normal driving for my usual daily routes, between city and highway (without passing 130 km / h marker), also suffering traffic jams, according to the computer onboard the average consumption was between 5.3 and 5.4 l / 100 km. It is a good figure for the characteristics of this car.

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Outstanding driving: Enjoy driving

Version ST-Line Ford Mondeo brings sport suspension : height is lowered 10 mm and is a little firmer. The wheels are 235 wide and profile 45 (Michelin Primacy 3 in this particular unit), with 18-inch alloy rim.

It is true that a noticeable setting of the slightly firmer suspension, sensation that help low – profile tires. Compared to a conventional Mondeo the suspension is a little less comfortable, but still we still have a comfortable car and isolates very well from the pavement irregularities. For example, a Peugeot 508 noticed something harder suspension, and not so comfortable and secluded.

There is also a very strong and solid undercarriage when passing through bumps or bumps, even when they are quite violent. As the setting of the suspension makes the car sway and nod slightly, at all times, even at fast circular transmits a lot of safety, poise and stability.

The touch of direction is also a little firm, fairly straightforward and real. The Mondeo accurately traces the steering wheel, without undesirable reactions or problems with the rear, which follows the front train where the driver tells him. It’s a nimble car in tight corners, even to be such a big car. In this sense Mondeo and Mazda6 stand out in their segment for dynamic behavior.

Ford Mondeo: A competitive price

The Ford Mondeo is not a cheap car, but the final price after applying discounts and promotions is very interesting and competitive, something cheaper such as a Volkswagen Passat and significantly cheaper than saloons premium (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi), without it being very clear that it really pays to pay the difference from an objective point of view.

According to the configuration online Ford Mondeo there from 18,950 dollars, with 1.0 Ecoboost petrol engine 125 hp and manual transmission (although there are versions of up to 210 hp and 240 hp gasoline diesel, automatic transmission and all -wheel drive).

Also in the unit of the test it is necessary to add several extra optional equipment:

  • Blue color impact
  • Package tech
  • Partial leather package also includes driver’s seat with electric settings and heated front seats
  • GPS Navigator, 8″ touch screen and Sync 3
  • Assisted parking system
  • Replacement “real” wheel

It is important to note that the Mondeo in version ST-Line is an unknown outfit, even as an option, cruise control, adaptive cruise, nor lights Full LED dynamic adjustment ( you have to settle for conventional speed control and halogen headlights with LED daytime running light); who want them have to choose a Titanium. This engine, with automatic transmission, is also available with four-wheel drive and family body.

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