The Heat Arrives: Do we install the air conditioning?

Summer arrives and who more and who less, has to spend a little time in the city before leaving on vacation. This year, yes we do, we install the air, but we do not all need or want the same air conditioning, it depends a lot on the location of our house, the climate of our city and of course the price.

We can choose between fixed air conditioning, portable or fans … a universe for every home and every need. There are many shopping centers and online stores where you can order your air conditioning.

The location of your home, the climate of your city and even the type of construction or the height of your home will determine the type of air conditioning you need: if you want to lower the temperature of your home, you need air conditioning and if you simply want to create an Airflow, the ideal choice is the fan.

Those who live near the sea prefer a system of air conditioning with integrated dehumidifier; the inland will prefer an air conditioning system or fan. It is also decisive the volume of the appliance, the size of the living room or if you want to have it in all rooms, with what Voltage counting, number of windows, thermal insulation …

Fixed air conditioning

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This modality is very practical because it refreshes the environment by lowering the temperature and keeping it stable, it is comfortable because it is controlled through a remote control, and are quieter than other systems, thanks to the fact that inside we only have the unit Ventilation but the compressor is on the outside of the house.

The indoor unit (s) must be adapted to the dimensions of the rooms to be conditioned, it is important to take into account the volume of the room to be conditioned, as the power and intrinsic characteristics of each appliance vary according to this criterion.

It is recommended to use this system when it is very hot because it allows you to cool the air while other systems simply create an airflow for a more pleasant feeling in the environment. Another advantage is that some are reversible and can give both hot and cold air.

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The most common modalities for the home are …

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Window Cooling System: Is composed of a generally large single piece, which is placed in a window or through a hole in an outside wall.

Split or ductless cooling system (split): These are the so-called PTAC “air conditioning terminal package”. They consist of a unit located in the interior of the house and another outside placed in the window or balcony. It is recommended because it is practical, quiet, performs well and there are low-power models.

Centralized cooling system: You can use the same network of ducts as your heating system. It is the least noisy solution with the highest performance, but for proper operation and dehumidification it is necessary that the size of the system fits the house.

Portable air conditioning

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They are placed directly on the floor. They are a bit noisier than previous models, but they do not need installation and you can move it from one room to another. They come to cool spaces of 50 m2 and are perfect for extremely hot rooms.

Ceiling fan: They cool the environment; they are very decorative and can count on the option of an integrated light system.

Tower fan: They are aesthetic and of smaller dimension than the standing fans, but practically with their same characteristics.

Foot fan: Can be found from the simplest only with rotation, even with timer and remote control.

Floor fan: There are very powerful models that provide more airflow than other types.

Desktop fan: They are small, practical, they can be rotating and create a very pleasant breeze in the room, perfect to fall asleep in the hottest days.

As you will see there are air conditioning solutions for any situation and home … The heat is coming, are you ready?

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