The most disappointing tourist attractions for some travelers

There are a number of visits that seem forced when we go to a destination. The Tour Eiffel if we go to Paris, Big Ben if we visit London or the Atomium on a trip to Brussels would be good examples. When planning our trips, we always include them because we think they are essential. But … are they all worth it? This is a list of the most disappointing for some travelers tourist attractions.

This is a list of tourist attractions in which some Trip Advisor users have left criticisms rating the monuments as lousy. The selection is at least tremendous, especially in that many of the most typical monuments in many cities, have been frankly disappointing for some of those who have gone to see them. If you are thinking of taking a trip, it will be very useful to consult the list to consider whether or not to include these visits in your travel plan.

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The nine most disappointing tourist attractions

You have to think that many people criticize for criticizing and no comments on Trip Advisor rate “is smaller than I expected” or “is just a bunch of stones” that should not disqualify the monument in question or the tourist attraction but rather who leaves such comments, but yet it is a way of selecting and these have been the attractions with worse reviews …

Fortunately, the same destinations and monuments have another lot of positive reviews so … lets not stay with one opinion and look on them, discovering an average score or seeking the views of those most femes us. It is today the World Tourism Day can be a good opportunity to review them and see the opinions of those who were not happy with some of these wonders.

1. Stonehenge in the UK

Painful, this is how travelangel defines the megalithic stones Stonenge, which seems not to understand the context and meaning of this attractive prehistoric site. For him, the price and the number of people making photos with selfie sticks for the mobile was decisive. In that sense, I share the opinion …

2. The Prado Museum in Madrid

For Andrea A. his concept of art is the one that counts. For her, it does not make sense to “publish works of art of men or women who did not know what a drawing was.”

Anyway, here I will not stop because as I mentioned the other day, for me it is one of the best museums in the world.

3. The Holy Family of Barcelona

To Juanca not worth entering, or likes “the circus aspect of its towers” And that says to have entered twice …

Personally, I understand that it is the main monument chosen in a visit to Barcelona and it seems really spectacular. Excited I remember the first time I went to the towers by those narrow stairs . What do you think?

4. The Golden Gate of San Francisco

For Monica M. an attraction awful in which felt as tight as on a bus in Calcutta and considered not worth it. Personally, I could see from a bus quite clearly despite the distance and a large part of the bridge was covered in fog . I think this type of monuments or big buildings look better from afar than from the inside, but that’s my opinion. Have you been there?

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5. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Nothing special, says Abhinav this monument. Here agree ** many users who complain that they are charged for access to it ** since it has nothing special nor the views from above are good.

6. Ayers Rock in Australia

To Purple Jellie this attraction is mounted just to get your money. For him it is much better to take the photos from the park entrance and save the tour.

Looking at other opinions, there are many that coincide in that sense, and point out that unless it is going to climb, it is quite expensive for what it supposes and that almost better is seen from a distance. I have not been, but if any of you yes, it would be good to know your opinion.

7. The Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

To Crhis M, disappointing. It seems that what you like least is not able to do anything and have to be quiet.

I was very impressed in his day, especially for recognizing so many works of Michelangelo that I had studied as a child. It certainly is a bit overwhelming with so many people and it’s unfortunate not to be able to take photos. I not think it was so small against the preconceived idea I had when I saw it but of course I think it’s one of the wonders that are worth being seen on every trip to Rome / Vatican.

8. Big Ben in London

For Owen is no more than a watch, even comparable to the clock of his grandfather.

Anyway, for me it is not a must – see attraction for inside or having an interest, but see it as both the Thames from the London Eye next to the House of Parliament, itself is worth.

9. The Eiffel Tower in Paris

To Jumpingberna is a steal price for three hours in line. This opinion is very common since there are many people and recent security measures make it a very heavy adventure to climb to the Tower.

For me, it is much better to save the queue and enjoy views of the Eiffel Tower from the Champs Elysees or from other parts of the city to climb the tower, but for many it is a must. Question of likes.


Like all lists, this has a large subjective component and does not mean that each of the attractions here including cannot be more interesting for some than for others. In my purely personal opinion, most of them – as I have made clear in the commentary on each – are worthwhile, but we have searched for the lowest opinions left by visitors on Trip Advisor.

What do you think? Is there any other classic visit that disappointed you skip it and you would you recommend to those who will go to any destination? Leave us a comment with your opinions to serve all our readers.

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