The New Technologies Driving Car Sales In 2017

With 2017 auto sales predicted to once again top 17 million in the US and the busy summer sales season just around the corner, now is the time to evaluate your car dealer and its performance. Do your sales reflect todays booming automotive market or are you getting left behind and stalling despite record numbers across North America? While business is booming, its also changing, and if youre not changing with it, youre going to be outpaced by savvier competitors. There are a lot of sales to be made out there, but you have to know how to reach out to customers.

This starts with your lead generation strategy and, right now, new technologies are reshaping how car dealers find and follow up on leads, from advertising to managing customer relationships. Car dealer live chat has been around for several years now and its proven to be an effective way to generate more organic leads from your website, but its also become much more than just a chat window on your website. New technologies developed by live chat companies such as Gubagoo are changing the way that car buyers interact with dealers. Market research has shown that going online to compare cars, deals, and services is rapidly replacing the act of going to the lot. Car dealers need innovative solutions to keep up with their customers and reach out in bold new ways.

Some recent innovations from Gubagoo include introducing new communication channels such as Facebook Messenger and SMS, utilizing a behavioral intelligence system to improve live chat performance, and implementing an app that both reports performance and allows dealer sales teams to better use managed chat. There are plenty of great reasons to expect features like these out of your live chat solution, but at the end of the day, its all about generating more leads.

  1. Facebook Messenger

As Facebook advertising becomes more important in any businesss marketing strategy, car dealers are looking for ways to bring their live chat systems out of their website and into social media. Facebook Messenger integration means that users dont have to leave the social media platform to get live answers about your inventory and potentially book an appointment. Facebook Messenger has 1 billion monthly active users, while Facebook advertising is a low cost way to reach customers in your region.

  1. Behavioral intelligence systems

Once youve drawn someone to your website, it helps to know everything you can about them, which is why a live chat with a behavioral intelligence system works. The system identifies IP addresses and follows their flow through the site, giving operators an idea of the kinds of products or services theyre interested in.

  1. Live chat apps for sales team involvement

The ResQ app developed by Gubagoo is an effective reporting tool, allowing you to monitor the performance of individual users or departments when it comes to turning queries into appointments. But more importantly, it provides sales staff a way to become more closely involved in live chat by jumping into ongoing chats or whispering directions to operators. Your sales staff dont have the time to manage the chat themselves, and their time is better spent closing deals in appointments, but they can offer another level of engagement and information thats likely to bring the customer in.

If you want your car dealer to succeed in the strong sales year ahead, you have to adapt to the times and bring in new technology. Car technology is improving at an incredibly fast pace, and it may not be that far into the future where driving our own cars is history. The tools that car dealers use to communicate with buyers needs to adapt as well, and thankfully, the future is here.

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