The strongest Kratom species at a glance!

First, you should know that the Kratom leaf veins can have three colors, namely white, green and red. Hence the names White Vein, Green Vein and Red Vein. The coloration of the leaf veins indicates which alkaloids are contained in the Kratom, generally White Vein varieties stimulate, Red Vein varieties sedative / relaxing and Green Vein varieties are quite balanced.

Before you buy Kratom, you should think about what effects are most important to you. If you want to consume Mitragyna speciosa as a stimulant, you should choose a White Vein variety, if you want to use it as a sleeping and soothing agent, choose a Red Vein variety. Here we have sorted the strongest Kratom varieties, you can choose from

Sumatra Kratom varieties

Sumatra Kratom is one of the more favorable varieties, which are not as widespread as Borneo or Bali. They look similar to the Bali varieties, somewhat less strong / intense and have a longer effect than Borneo Kratom. Since the price is lower, it is definitely worth to give Sumatra a chance.

Indonesian Indo Kratom

Varieties such as “Red Vein Indo“, “Indo Commercial” and “Indo Premium” are among the weaker and slightly cheaper varieties. The color and odor of most Indo Kratoms are not very intense. Similar to US varieties, one should rather take advantage of the aforementioned varieties.

Malay Kratom varieties

Green Malay is a quite common variety, which is quite favorable and works 6-8 hours. The intensity is tidy, the effect quite exciting. Seductive Red Malay is there every now and then. The quality of Green Malay Kratom seems to vary greatly from shop to shop; with some this kratom is too weak.

Philippine Mindanao Kratom

Mindanao is one of the more expensive, but quite strong kratom species. It is rarer and has a central influence. Again, there are stronger quality fluctuations; sometimes the Mindanao varieties (va Mindanao Green Vein and Mindanao Red Vein) are similarly strong, if not stronger than Borneo Maeng Da. This Kratom is especially suitable for experienced consumers who have already tried the standard varieties and are trying to test something new.

Riau Kratom

Red Riau, Green Riau and White Riau are not so common varieties, which are quite strong and medium (4-6h). It is rather cheap and often very intense in color. A good alternative to the Borneo varieties!

USA Kratom “Premium USA”

USA Kratom is often sold by rather dubious shops because the Kratom most likely but comes from Asian countries, and it is only a fantasy name. Accordingly, no generally valid indication of the strength or duration of this kratome can be made, but the price of USA Kratom is usually very high. One should better to the above mentioned varieties grab!

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