The three pillars of love

Imagine that on a triangular table supported by three legs are going to try to build a huge castle. Do not you dare to stop you from that table knowing that one leg is broken, is it? And much less you dare to climb it to your spouse and your children. Well then you review them today; the lack or weakness of a pillar will make your love life crumbles sooner or later causing a terrible outcome…

pillars of love
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Love has three fundamental characteristics

Emotional Intimacy

This is one that occurs when you talk to the heart, without judgment, without excuses; We talk about the doubts, fears, dreams, concerns, joys, sorrows; It begins to confess the mistakes of the past and present. What we call emotional intimacy is absolute trust, complicity, integration alliance. When this develops is interpreted quickly and correctly body language, the true mood of the partner is detected without using words. And when words are used it is DE3 a special way, at a level of fraternity different from that given in communicating with other people, if there are discords these are resolved immediately, because when discussing seeks not cause damage or hurt.

Intellectual affinity

We are not only made of emotions, we are also made of ideas. You can have the ability to communicate intimately but if it does not possess a similar way to see some aspects of life such as work, values, religion, sex, education of children, leisure, family, etc. Why should enrich these points during coexistence to not end up excluding other activities.

If you love yourself you can love your spouse, and self -acceptance is a concept that occurs only in the mind. Just being mature intellectually may accept the individuality and independence of the couple, thus avoiding jealousy, selfishness and possession.

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Chemical attraction

If you have emotional intimacy with your partner, then you can say it’s your friends and also complement each other in ideas, and then you can say that they are companions. But there is still one last essential point to form the bond of love: to be your lover. This is achieved by chemical attraction, and by that I mean the body taste, and you can look beautiful a person but you feel any. The appearance is superficial, which ignites the magnetism between two individuals is not a physical but chemical phenomenon. The chemical can see beyond the visible and burn with the beauty that only you detect. When people there that do not care that others think of the beauty of your partner feel comfortable because they really attract.

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