The Volkswagen Golf 2017 has already arrived, the most technologically advanced compact

You have been able to follow the presentation and now we have the official details of the brand. New engines and a more refined body are just the tip of the iceberg of this facelift Volkswagen Golf. The most popular model of the German brand now launches technology to become a benchmark among the most compact geek.

It is certainly the most technophiles version of the Golf and releases some technologies and concepts that will be spreading across the range of Volkswagen. Among them, some solutions never before seen in a compact and with which the Golf wants to run as the true reference of the category.

Volkswagen Golf 2017
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Golf: The Volkswagen Trojan Horse

Herbert Diess has cataloged the new Volkswagen Golf as the beginning of the biggest product offensive in the history of the brand, and is not for less because since longer have to start doing things much better to make up the Diesel gate that much damage has them Indeed, even he is having to get rid of their competing plans.

Aesthetically we find a big change, the line remains as continuation as in the rest of restyling that has suffered the Golf in his many years of life. The general shapes and measures are maintained with respect to the outgoing model but especially a more defined design and the bumpers modernize their forms with more open and horizontal lines.

Large air intakes ahead with fog lights / daylight as C (depending on the version), polygonal for tailpipe trims behind and many, many straight lines mark the new character of Golf.

The headlights are also somewhat different including halogen bulbs for short and long lights and lighting up with LED technology, the above xenon headlights are replaced by full LED and the rear lights are also fully LED, standard on all versions, as the alloy wheels.

Inside the Golf becomes even more elegant with matching upholstery with decorative door panels, console and dashboard. In the interior, and also in the exterior, each version differs not only by the forms, but by the chromatic finishes of their pieces with touches even more marked in red in the GTI and blue in the GTE.

In the scorecard, it is where we find the real turning point towards the future in the Golf, with the new Digital Cockpit, a screen of 12.3 inches with a resolution 1.440×540 px completely virtual and customizable.

The Discover Pro and Active Info Display Systems Infotainment and intelligent connectivity with gestural recognition will help us create a custom environment without having to be fiddling with buttons or away over the odds hands off the wheel. In fact, it is the first compact in the world to incorporate this type of technology, in addition to leaning on a 9.2-inch tablet-type screen in the center console.

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Driving Assistants

The medical assistance to the semi-autonomous driving are also one of the great bastions showing the new Golf, the Traffic Jam Assist will make us much more bearable jams to be able to start and stop keeping within the lane through control The brakes, accelerator and steering.

But there are still more, because among the safety functions that will assist the driver in case of skipping will be able to detect and monitor pedestrians, avoid scope collisions or avoid lane departures. The Lane Assist he is able to keep within the lane in which circulate correcting the address up to 60 km / h.

The Emergency Assist is also a safety measure, since the car recognizes through its sensors when the driver does not react, try to wake him and, if unsuccessful, the vehicle previously stopping ends by connecting the emergency lights.

Dead Angle Sensor, Rear View Camera, Parking Assist, Fatigue Detection, Signal Recognition, Multi-Collision Brake, PreCrash Protection System, Park Assist 3.0 and Trailer Maneuver and Stabilization Assist if we are pulling of a car they are also part of the technological arsenal in the list of the new Golf equipment.

New and better gasoline engines

Mechanically the new Golf incorporates new engines to its range with improved family TSI EA211 propellers. Perhaps the most important of all is the 1.5 TSI Evo gasoline four-cylinder engine reaches 150 hp with Active cylinder management (ACT) capable of shutting down the engine completely while driving, can reduce consumption by up to one liter per 100 Km.

Accompanying this later find a version BlueMotion 130 hp also with ACT, and of course, the Golf GTI could not miss this generation, and we will find two versions of a GTI 230 hp and GTI Performance 245 hp. Six-speed dual-clutch DSG gearboxes are replaced for this new batch by a seven-speed DSG.

The model 2017 Volkswagen Golf will start selling from next December at prices equal (at least on base models) to the current generation. For version hybrid 48 V still have to wait a bit, but it should not be long in coming.

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