This car is wooden and is not toy driving and has a 650 hp engine

It seems that the automotive industry is centered in the autonomous cars and clean energy, but that does not stop efforts put into creations whose priority is not only a stunning design, but a material. Metal cars? Too conventional for Joe Harmon, who after years of work has built a car fully functional wood: Splinter.

The engineer is synonymous with the effort we put into occasions materialize ideas, given that this particular car is the result of a job eight years between approach and manufacturing. Because no, it ‘snot just that instead of sheet carrying wood, here we talk about having applied the wood as much as possible, taking into account that there is a combustion engine inside (spoiler: which really is not wood).

Wooden Car
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It is not just a matter of design

Joe Harmon began this curious project after graduating from the University in North Carolina. As mentioned, the idea of a wooden car that can be driven has taken eight years to become a reality, with five of these that has occupied the construction. In fact, I saw the light in the past Essen Motor Show in Germany last December.

The construction was partly inspired by an airplane of World War II

Why a wooden car? The idea caught on for several reasons, says Harmon in his web. On one side is the inspiration that had Harmon in the Havilland Mosquito, a plane of World War II record – breaking speed being built completely of wood, and on the other hand is that, says the engineer, aluminum has a better strength- to -weight ratio than steel and aluminum.

In fact, although the visible is what would be the body, the truth is that wood is also the key component of the chassis and even the wheels (not the tire). As we can see, the chosen style is sporty design, and the doors open upward like some models of Lamborghini, McLaren and Ferrari among others.

And power? As mentioned, the Splinter can drive perfectly, with a six gears. And Harmon has spared no engine, as assured by Business Insider the car has more than 650 horsepower.

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Far from the proposals of electric cars or autonomous mentioned at the beginning, here or there or there will be a mass production . It is a curious project that materializes after the perseverance of an engineer to do reality and show that the wood has properties that make it more versatile than is usually thought.

Wood is our natural renewable building material, requires an extremely small amount for its production and is completely biodegradable.

Yes, we should see how many trees leaves every car, and how much in total (data not know). We do not know for how it is put on sale, though hardly think that the engineer wanted to sell it after eight years of work on it. Harmon’s head there are other ideas, see if it also tries to follow with wood or any other change we see as original material.

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