Tips for effective marketing for the local SME

Local SMEs that do not have an Internet version (e-commerce) should not neglect marketing. A local business is one that offers products and / or services in a particular establishment and requires that its customers go there to consume it.

How to attract your audience? How to retain it? How to conquer new customers?

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1. Our place speaks of us

Your local must project your brand and the importance that you have for your customers, above the products or services. All details must be taken care of: cleanliness, orderliness, accessibility, pleasant smell.

Take care that the transit places are comfortable, so much to walk as to accede to any product. These details, however obvious they may seem, are vital for a client to decide whether or not to stay in one place.

2. Advertising

External signage is very important. It’s no use having the best place in town if we are not visible. You can accompany that signage with blackboards so that it is clear and attractive and original what we offer.

No matter how much progress has been made, a few brochures with information on hand do not go wrong.

3. Cross Selling or Cross Selling

Example: If a customer wants to buy a computer can be offered, a router for WiFi connection. Arrange service packages to cross your sales and increase them. As with McDonald’s you can offer complementary products for every purchase.

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4. Strategic Alliances

Learning to work as a team among SMEs is one of the best marketing strategies. Since merchants associations are simpler, along with other businesses we can create greater promotion, advertising and sales.

5. Make it easy to recommend

One of the main reasons why most SMEs sell is thanks to the recommendation. Many companies grow from loyal customers, one person had a good experience, told another and so on.

Loyal customers are better quality because someone they trust did the job of selling a product effectively, price will not be the main problem, if the recommendation is highly positive, will be convincing.

6. Let’s not forget customers over 60 years

Demographic trends indicate that those over 60 will form the largest group in society. A sector willing to consume more, and for longer. SMEs should adapt their businesses (whenever possible) to the taste and interest of this growing group.

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