Tips for Entertaining in a children’s party

Become the star of the night with these cool tricks to entertain at children’s parties. All use the principles of physics and chemistry, but seem magic!

5 Tips for Entertaining Children in Party

If you want to be the star of all your meetings, pay attention to these tricks to entertain at a children’s party you can do anytime, anywhere and amaze everyone with your “magic”. Do not worry: no extraneous conditions to meet: these ideas using the most basic principles of physics and chemistry to realize very entertaining events that will catch the attention of everyone present.

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Knows these tricks for children’s parties easy and very simple…

1. Ideas for children’s parties: magnetic Fingers

“You want to see how I turn a plastic straw (straw, straw) on a bottle or shot? Well, look ... You can say that; while subtly rub sorbet with cotton fabric of your clothing or a towel (you can argue that you’re cleaning). In doing so, the plastic static loads, always taking the center for not “download”.

Put on the lid from a plastic bottle or a glass upside down turned face below, resting in the center. About your finger to end “loaded” sorbet, without touching it, and see how it will attempt to join him. Go moving your finger to turn the straw as the hands of a clock.

2. Tricks to entertain at a party Fingers repellents

Prepare a large bowl with tap water, and ground pepper sprinkled over covering surface. Challenge your friends to bring pepper to the edges of the container without using more than one finger.

When the guests at the children’s party have been tired of trying, spread your fingers with a little dishwashing detergent and immerse the center of the platter: pepper automatically “flee” to the edges as if by magic.

3. Entertainment for children’s parties: Fishing coins

Place a rather deep and wide dish on the table, with one or more small coins in there. Pour liquid into the dish, enough to cover the coins, not too much, and ask your friends how you can take them without wetting your fingers and move the plate.

When they have lost hope, show them how it’s done: insert two or three matches (matches) in a piece of cork, and floating in the liquid. Turn them on using another match, and quickly put on them a glass of tall glass. The fire will use oxygen trapped in the glass and create a suction which will draw the liquid into, and you take the coins without wetting your fingers, or move the dish.

4. Retrieving the ice

In this trick to entertain at a children’s party you need to put on the table a glass with cold water and ice cube. Ask your friends to remove ice water without wetting his fingers, without using a spoon or fork, and without letting the cube melts.

After they have tried (and probably failed), just take a piece of string (tape, thick thread, whatever you have on hand), supports its end on the ice bucket and sprinkle over a bit of coarse salt. Wait 20 to 30 seconds, and by raising the ice will string “attached” to its end.

5. Cool quickly bottles

Not all parties are tricks to entertainment. Some may be useful for others, especially when the drinks have circulated nonstop and is no longer even a cold one.

Prepare bottles and a bucket with room comfortably. Place cold tap water and some ice cubes into the pot, add some coarse salt liquid (the ratio is 1 cup water, 4 ice cubes and 1 tablespoon coarse salt). Place the bottles into the bucket, so that the water covers one third of its height, no more, wait 3-4 minutes and you will have your cold drinks.

In this case, what happens is that water and ice “seek to” freeze and cool water but prevents salt. To fulfill its purpose need energy, and take the heat of the beverage bottle, cooling at a rate much higher than you would succeed only by placing the bottles in the freezer.

These tricks to entertain at children’s parties and fun ensure you leave all your guests wonder; you just encourage you to do it!

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