Tips That Will Come in Handy When Shopping for a Wedding Gown

If you are shopping on a shoestring budget, do not waste your time trying on a number of gowns that you cannot afford. You would be better off zeroing in on the most realistic gown budget and looking at the options your money can buy. You do not want a dress so costly that you must sell a mortgage note to pay for it! Moreover, you should factor in the cost of making alterations, paying shipping fees, and buying jewelry.

Here are some tips that will be helpful when shopping for gowns:

Start early

If you are a decisive person when you shop for clothes, you need to start shopping for gowns at least six months in advance to find the perfect gown for your wedding. However, if you are fussy and have trouble deciding on anything, give yourself at least ten months. When you put off dress shopping for too long, your selection will be limited and you could end up making a hasty decision, which you will regret.

On average, custom gowns take at least eight months to make. This means that you should always give yourself plenty of time to choose the perfect dress.

Determine your dress code

You might have to factor in your religious restrictions when shopping for a wedding dress. Is your ceremony going to be held in a house of worship? You should find out if you have to adhere to any clothing guidelines. For instance, you might be required to cover your shoulders.

Find out what you like

Taking cues from your wedding venue and the season you are getting married will help you to choose the right dress style. You should rule out the silhouettes and fabrics that will not suit a specific weather. If you love a particular designers style, find out if he/she is having a trunk show in the near future you never know; you might get a discount.

Call in advance

Just because a specific boutique carries your favorite designer does not mean that they have your dream dress. Calling in advance will prevent you from wasting time. Although you might be lucky enough to snag a salesperson on your way in, having an appointment will ensure that you get the most experienced one.

Moreover, many bridal boutiques require you to have an appointment if you want to try on their gowns. This means that calling ahead is always a good idea.

Let the boutique make recommendations

You should not dismiss a gown at first glance. If the salesperson brings you a gown to try on, you should give it a chance even if it is not your style. Not every outfit looks flattering on a hanger. This means that when you walk into a boutique, you should keep an open mind and let go of your preconceived notions.

Shop at the right time

If you have to take a day off to shop for your wedding dress, it will be worth it. Saturday afternoons are usually very busy because everyone has free time. Finding a dress at such a time will not be very easy. Unless the store you visit is appointment only, you should target the slower days.

When choosing your dress, you should resist the temptation of bringing an entourage. Although having different opinions is a good thing, too many of them might be confusing. According to the owner of Azazie-made dresses, you need to buy the right dress for you.

Buy a gown that fits

Even if you are on a diet to lose 15 pounds, you need to buy a dress that fits you right now. Besides, it is much easier to alter a big dress than a small one. To avoid wasting money later on, you should buy a dress that fits now.

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