To do list of the bride: The lineup for a perfect bride

A ladder marking the time of the wedding preparation is just vital to get a perfect result. The timeline is especially important for the bride, because it helps you to better manage your appointments and above all to keep anxiety at bay. At the beginning, in fact, things seem to do lots of – also in terms beauty and look – and often confusion reigns. In order to better focus on priorities and timing, however, we must adopt a philosophy of “step by step”.

Here’s an example of a to do list for the wedding of the most popular among professionals, to be customized at will but without forgetting the number one rule of every wedding planner: planning ahead is the only way to not be late (including contingencies)!

12-9 months before

– Stop hair cut until the hairstyle choice

– Plan any medical aesthetic interventions

– Book a dental visit to evaluate any corrective or cosmetic procedures

9-6 months before

– Start your dress search

– Plan and book any hair removal sessions Laser or long-lasting beauty treatments

6 – 3 months before

– Begin any restorative treatments for skin and hair

– Starting a balanced low-calorie diet

– Begin a moderate exercise program, twice a week, preferably open air

To do list of the bride
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3-2 months before

– Choose the accessories for the dress

– You discuss the gown testing

– Begin a series of artificial tanning sessions, constant but at least 2 weeks apart, to keep the golden skin without excess

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A month before

– Decide hairstyle

– Program the hairdresser and beautician sessions

– Starting a purifying diet

– Program any nail or extension

A week before

– Do the finishing touches to the hair color

– Make a test of hairstyle and makeup

– Complete beauty treatments last minute (waxing, peels and facial cleansing, manicures and pedicures)

The day before

– Withdraw the dress

– wear for a few hours of the wedding shoes to make them more comfortable

– Apply on face and body a special cream illuminating effect

– Prepare the beauty kit for touch-ups to be delivered to the witness / bridesmaid predestined

To do list of the bride
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The wedding day

– Make a light breakfast but nutritious fruit based and whole grains

– Take a few moments to simple deep breathing exercises to relieve tension

– Massage the face with an ice cube for firming the tissues before the make-up

– A make-up completed, spray on your face specific spa water to prolong the trick sealing

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