Top ways to manage cables and clear space

We live in the era of technology which means there are a lot of electronic devices around us. And usually, where theres an electronic device theres also at least one cable. But most of the times you have more than one cable for one device. So for each gadget, TV or otherwise electronic you have around the house, you probably have around 2 or 3 cables attached to it or ready to go. This can be quite a messy situation as cables are known to tangle. If youre not careful you can easily end up with a giant spaghetti situation where your cables are tangled up and it would take ages to get them sorted. If youre looking for cables, you could try but in the meantime here are some of the downsides of having a messy cable management:


It just looks awful to have a lot of cables tangled between one another. Its not pleasing to the eye and it can surely become a problem visually if the cables are not just tangled but also in your way. Most have a kind of pseudo-luck that makes it so their tangled cables are right in the front of their setup or dangling in front of the TV. This just makes you enjoy the electronics themselves a lot less and whatever beauty you might find in them can easily be deteriorated by the mess made by the cables.

Room management

Cable management is important so that you keep the respective room of the house clean. It can easily turn into a mess where you dont have any more floor room to walk on since there are so many cables everywhere. This can be quite annoying and its definitely a major discomfort. For example, if you have a regular rolling chair for your desk, you could find it pretty hard to move from one spot to the other with the chair because the cables are preventing the wheels from moving properly.

Inconvenience and decrease in productivity

Another thing that you have to watch out for is inconvenience. If you decide you want to untangle your cables, you might be required to unplug some devices first which could be really bad for you depending on what those devices do. In a situation in which you cant afford to lose any second, having to pause completely so you can detangle cables is pretty bad. Thats another reason for which you should really put in the effort to keep your cables organized.

How to keep cables organized

There are several ways in which you can do this. You can buy special wall hooks that allow you to anchor your cables down a specific path, or you could invest in a floor mask which would allow you to drive all your cables right through underneath you and then cover them. There are also similar side wall masks which let you drive cables alongside the base of the wall and will also act as an ornamental piece for the wall.

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