Uncharted 4, the game for which you purchased your PS4

Hits stores today ‘Uncharted 4’ and with it, more than one can assume that the ratings for Game of the Year are already more than closed. The saga of Naughty Dog has managed to take the cat to water year after year and, apparently seen, not be surprised if in 2016 happen again.

The creators of characters like Crash Bandicoot or Jak and Daxter have a special gift; one capable of reinventing itself again and again getting the most of both his team and the platform for working and growth of the franchise ‘Uncharted’ is only one more example of why we worship Naughty Dog.

The beginnings of Naughty Dog

Although they may seem new in an industry with almost 50 years behind them , the truth is that Naughty Dog was born 32 years ago, but back then it was known as Jam Software and under that name worked in three titles that probably will not know.

Uncharted 4
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‘Math Jam’, ‘Ski Crazed’ and ‘Dream Zone’ gave way to a partnership agreement with Electronic Arts that would catapult the company to the name change and an agreement with Universal Interactive Studios. Together with the latter launched ‘Way of the Warrior’ for 3DO and with it, the attention of Sony won.

Along with them, and supported by Mark Cerny, they started working on the exploitation of the 3D capabilities of PlayStation, starting the series ‘Crash Bandicoot’ and developing four titles marsupial in jeans for the first Sony console.

The goal of a console franchise allowed them to be fresh and expand their horizons, so work on PlayStation 2 with the series ‘Jak and Daxter’ and, with the arrival of Playstation 3, we all knew would come something new. We did not expect was that it was key to the industry so darn.

Uncharted and welcome Nathan Drake

Naughty Dog showed that work without producers who constantly and accountability remain independent in their work despite being under the command of Sony, could give as productive as to mark a before and after results.

The first ‘Uncharted’ arrived in stores in late 2007 after a two – year development and involved the entry of Naughty Dog in a very different scenario. Abandoned the cartoon aesthetic, the study gave us a pulp adventure with a great film component in which an adventurer Nathan Drake ran landmarks seeking ancient treasure.

The search for El Dorado took place in a third – person shooter in which only the linearity of its stages and inspiration taken from ‘Gears of War’ competition were the only darts received. Nathan Drake the affection of the public won and Naughty Dog took another step in its unstoppable growth.

Uncharted 2: the best game of the series

With ‘Uncharted 2’ was reconfirmed that that of second parts were never good not marry the gaming industry. Thus, the addition of an online mode was completely buried by the praise of his brief but intense story mode.

Nathan Drake returned to the fray, this time accompanied by new characters and a story that from minute one we put on the ropes based memorable hits and fast paced action only during the early stages getting waver.

The succession of spectacular moments gave no respite and ‘Uncharted 2’became its own right in not only the best game of the franchise, also a console that had numerous options of equal quality, if you have to play a single title of this saga, which undoubtedly is this.

The penultimate leap of faith Nathan Drake

The leap in quality from the first to the second installment hinted that ‘Uncharted 3’ the same formula would remain and unfortunately for fans of the series, it was not. That does not mean it was a minor game, but when comparing two masterpieces one always ends up overshadowing the other, and in this case ‘Uncharted 2’ was victorious.

Said jump showed him, on the other hand, its online mode where other big differences to its predecessor were marked, but as you may imagine here came to a history of relentless action and precisely for that loss of strength most ended up with wanting more.

The closing trilogy, the launch of ‘The Last of Us’ and an impending change of platform led us to think that would be the end of Nathan Drake, but it seems that Naughty Dog also were satisfied , and precisely why today the protagonist is ‘Uncharted 4’.

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Uncharted 4, for him you bought one PS4

The analysis VidaExtra and leaves us very clear that the great strength of this fourth installment is a sum and follows that also manages to raise the technical level of generation to what we expected from the beginning of it.

Not that so far we have not received strong games, but the gap between PC and console graphics remains unapproachable and at least with ‘Uncharted 4’ and PS4, that difference seems to come down a bit.

The PC continues to lead the way to a level that seems to have finished the race when the consoles just started, but if any of you entered the new generation looking for a dramatic change, it seems that ‘Uncharted 4’ is the game that delivery to a higher level.

More and better fighting

A playable level there is more news than ever, not because change the essence of what has been so far, an adventure story with moments of shooting, puzzles and sequences that move the plot, but to include added really significant.

Of all of them the choice of answers for some dialogue is the most anecdotal, without marking the course of history but making it more ours, but there are things like the inclusion of more stealth to make a difference.

The idea is that we face the fighting in different ways, receiving the reward less waves as was the case in previous installments if we do not raise too much noise, but here the new AI of the enemies makes all have a different flavor.

Improving communication between them, creating squads and creating combat tactics, but thankfully is a new level of sophistication that also receive our peers, something inherited the work Naughty Dog made in this regard in ‘The Last of Us’.

Added to achieve the GOTY

A hook with which cling to projections to move more freely by larger (but equally linear except on rare occasions) scenarios, we will exhaust and tactical component when things really get ugly.

But as usual it is the story and its characters, and in particular the future of Nathan Drake, marking the steps of adventure and makes this ‘Uncharted 4’ memorable title.

Relive the magical moments that proposes the perfect blend of the spectacular film Michael Bay and sympathy generated by moments of jokes and limit situations tape Indiana Jones, are key to making ‘Uncharted 4’ a close all out.

Now the question is what will bring Naughty Dog in his next game, a question that will probably stay a year to be resolved and that, although many sigh by a second installment of ‘The Last of Us’, the rest want them to do what they do best: turn the page and go back to make a difference.

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