Valentine’s Day 2017

February is important because he comes Valentines Day on February 14 is the date of love couples. So in this article we give you some tips to Valentine that your day is perfect, gifts, makeup, hairstyles … Do you love each other?

Do you have any idea what appointment you will have? If it will be in the morning or at night, the clothes that you are going to put, everything related to beauty (makeup, hairstyle, nails …) gifts etc. Come with a series of tips to make your day perfect.

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Valentine’s Day 2017 – Makeup

For a special day, you have to have good face and a good makeup is very important. The star colors for this Feb. 14 are the pink and red lip, a black pencil to highlight your look with a shadow depending on the clothes that you bear.

You cannot miss the rouge to give our cheeks a touch of color but getting a romantic look. How to get it? The following link will give you all the tricks and tips to get the best makeup for valentine.

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Valentine’s Day 2017 – Hairstyles

As for hairstyles, we recommend that you not much compliments, simple is also very nice and sure to be romantic.

Keep in mind how you have hair, medium hair, long hair or short hair and based on this we can think the ideal hairstyle for your appointment. You also need to know if you have the curly hair to know what you can be better.

A good collected or semi collected is always flattering. But so that you can decide well which is the best that you feel for your romantic date it is best that you click on the link:

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Valentine’s Day 2017 – Nails

When choosing nails we will take into account the color of the clothes that we take, if we have an appointment in the morning or dinner valentine where we are with our lighted by candles couple while sounding background the best valentine songs.

You can also choose to wear a fingernail of a color and so you will not have to think whether or not they combine with the dress, makeup, shoes, bag … surely yes.

There are many styles that you can wear on such a special and beautiful day, with different shapes and combinations of colors and elements.

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Valentine’s Day 2017 – Flowers

One day where they are given away flowers and florists celebrate rising sales is Valentine. On February 14, many bouquets and flowers of all types are given away.

The industry for excellence and never fails is that of roses, usually red, and that represent love. But they are not the only flowers that do, the tulips represent the promise of love so it is also a much sought bouquet.

Not to mention the sunflowers, the lotus flower, azaleas … That ye may know the meaning of each plant and why it can be a good gift for valentine you recommends that pinch this link.

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