We have seven Bluetooth headset if you do not want to wait for the Apple Airpods

Airpods Apple the premiere of the signing of the bitten apple in the field of wireless headphones, in this case with Bluetooth connectivity. A model that despite what was expected, has not yet reached the market that has caused many choose not to wait for their departure and look for alternatives.

In this sense in the market we can find many different models of Bluetooth headsets, even more interesting than Apple Airpods as in the case of these, with not very affordable for every budget models. So if you are expecting a Airpods and you have exhausted your patience, here we leave several models that can be an interesting alternative.

Models as in the case of Apple Airpods, make use of Bluetooth connectivity to connect to our smartphone and has a battery to load quickly.

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Samsung Gear IconX

We started with one of the most interesting models is signed by Samsung and the Gear IconX are the proposal without cables Korean manufacturer but aside from serving for music also can be used to measure our activity by synchronizing with Samsung S Health.

Compatible with iOS and Android from version 4.4, have a battery for recharging that offers autonomy for up to two full loads. Regarding the life of these without having to load them we can use one and a half as wearing headphones and three hours if used as monitor physical activity.

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The Earin may be the hormonal brothers of the proposal for Samsung. It is design headphones that have a development via Kickstarter and as in the case of the above, provide good sound quality at a reduced size.

Headphones that have a range of up to two hours and have an external battery that can recharge up to three times. To improve the fit is a set of stabilizers added ear and thanks to the app Earing are controlled, which makes them compatible with iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

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Motorola VerveOnes +

As in previous cases, independent headphones BT including Motorola and these follow this line we move. Boast of protection IP57 which makes them resistant to sweat and splashes, such as Samsung Gear IconX, so it is an ideal model for swimmers. Regular VerveOnes models are exactly the same, but no water resistance.

Motorola VerveOnes + are compatible in performance with Siri and Google Now, offering a range of up to three hours with the option to recharge your battery in just 90 minutes to almost four times.

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Erato Apollo 7

Very similar in ways to Earin, the Apollo 7 Erato have a price somewhat higher, they say for greater sound quality. Advertising or not it is certain that include as above, several pads to conform as closely as possible to our ear.

In addition they are waterproof headphones, offering a range of up to three hours without having to take the battery charge, which provides up to two full recharges.

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Bragi Dash

Bragi Dash is another alternative wireless headset with these Bragi. A model has options such as curious is the setting “Audio Transparency” which allows filtering ambient sound so that we perceive more clearly the sound of our source.

The Bragi Dash are equipped with ARM 32 – bit processors and include up to 4GB of memory to store music (up to 1000 songs in MP3 and AAC format) also incorporate 2 microphone types, of which the principal is based on vibration and second it is environmental.

The headphones have a lithium battery 100 mAh, which guarantees autonomy four hours of active. If they are in idle mode the battery can last about 250 hours.

These headphones have the ability to interact with them through audio instructions in several languages and are compatible with Google Fit, Apple Watch and Apple Health Kit.

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Jabra Elite Sport

The Sport Elite Jabra are wireless headsets that are certified IP67, which as in previous cases, becomes water resistant and therefore makes them ideal companions for water sports.

The Jabra Sport Elite have to try to provide good sound reduction technology integrated noise, although the use of this system may affect the autonomy they offer about three hours. And as in other models we can load them with your external battery.

And thinking about the sport, feature a heart rate monitor integrated so that we can control part of our physical activity. Besides them, we can control parameters such as distance, speed, route, calories burned or the training effect and are compatible with iOS and Android.

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Onkyo W800BT

Perhaps with this model [Onkyo] (Onkyo W800BT) we are before the oldest alternative we have compiled few. Some headphones have two neodymium speakers 8.6mm in diameter, which generate a frequency response ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz.

They offer a sensitivity of 100 dB, an impedance of 32 omnios and a range of up to15 hours of talk time or 12 hours if we use them to listen to music.

This is a headset that also can be used as hands – free thanks to the microphone that incorporates the right earpiece. In addition, the charging station has an integrated USB cable that is collected automatically.

Are seven models in performance similar to Apple Airpods compatible with iOS but Android and Windows Phone and can be an interesting alternative if you do not want to wait for the arrival of the model of the bitten apple.

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