Wedding Costs Spiralling out of Control: Heres How to Apply the Brakes

If you are planning a large wedding or an elaborate ceremony and you have found that your wedding costs are beginning to spiral out of control, never fear: read on for some handy tips on how to slow down the expenditure and regain control of your budget.

Wedding Costs Spiralling out of Control

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Tying the Knot Without Breaking the Bank

The bride: who says you have to wear an actual wedding dress? Hundreds of pounds can potentially be saved by opting for a cheaper (but still beautiful) dress bought from a high street store. Even better, why not wear your mothers dress or a friends? All you need to do then is pay for any alterations. With a little ingenuity and creative skill, you can even make your own veil to go with it. Money can also be saved by doing your own hair and make-up on the big day.

The invitations: use emails and phone calls to announce your wedding, and when you send out invitations, print your own and use standard envelopes. You dont need to include a reply card either – just ask people to RSVP by phone or email.

The dcor and food: simplicity is key. Cut down costs by crafting your own centrepieces, and use rented flowers instead of spending hundreds on pretty blooms that wont last long. You can even prepare your own food, buying in bulk and serving a tasty one-plate dish, with wedding cake for dessert.

The venue: to cut costs why not get married in a free (but still charming) outdoor venue such as your garden, a national park or a friends yard? You could even have a friend officiate rather than pay for someone to marry you.

For more helpful cost-cutting tricks such as these check out: and

Securing Those Snaps

Of course, there may be some areas of the wedding that you just wont want to compromise on, such as finding an expert photographer. If you are need of an excellent Hampshire wedding photographer, why not use Lemon Tree Photography? You will want a wedding album youll be proud of.

Now that you know how to curb those tricky costs, its time to relax and enjoy finalising all the preparations for your big day.

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