Where To Find A Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine

Zeiss is one of the worlds oldest optics companies, opened in 1846 by Carl Zeiss in the city of Jena. While theyre still known for their camera lenses and microscopes today, theyve also become a household name in the world of industrial metrology, and their coordinate measuring machines are increasingly popular, both new and used.

Coordinate measuring machines like the Zeiss Prismo and Zeiss Navigator are popular used options for shops that want to improve their quality assurance processes. When youre buying a used coordinate measuring machine, the most important thing to consider is the source. Buying a machine at auction can be a real gamble, as you have no assurances about the state of the piece of equipment. You could very well be buying a machine that is inoperable, which is why youre better off using an independent metrology house. For example, when you buy a used coordinate measuring machine from a company like Canadian Measurement Metrology Inc. (AKA CMM), you get a guarantee that the machine will work according to specifications (or better with upgrades) when it arrives on your shop floor.

Here are some important questions to keep in mind anytime youre buying a used coordinate measuring machine:

  • Whats the history of the machine, i.e., was it operated on the factory floor or was it used in a climate-controlled lab?
  • Does the machine have any upgrades, which could mean that its a bargain, given the fact that used coordinate measuring machines are typically sold on pre-retrofit prices?
  • If there have been upgrades or retrofits, were non-OEM parts used? Unless the components are from an equally reputable brand name, and were installed by professional metrologists, these non-OEM retrofits could mean the machine is worth less.
  • Can you see the machine in action, either in person or in a video? Never purchase a coordinate measuring machine without seeing it operate something you cant do at an auction.

If you already own a Zeiss coordinate measuring machine, but it lacks the power to meet new requirements, you may want to look into Zeiss CMM machine services like upgrades and retrofits that bring your older machine up to speed. Upgrades typically focus on improvements like new probing systems, new software, measuring improvements like laser scanners, or total refurbishing. You can increase the speed at which your coordinate measuring machine collects data, reduce programming time, and improve the measuring volume size with the help of metrology retrofitters. Whatever you need, if you start with a Zeiss, youre off to a great start.

You can find a Zeiss CMM used in successful companies across the world, especially in Europe. Everything from cable cars to Swiss watches to steering wheels are made with high-end metrology equipment designed for sub-micrometer accuracy. Whether youre building parts that drive cars or tell time, quality is all that counts. With new or used coordinate measuring machines from the right manufacturer, you can deliver high quality components quickly and efficiently. Talk to an independent metrology dealer about buying a new or used coordinate measuring machine or upgrading your current machine to contemporary standards.

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