Why Crown Agencies Should Re-evaluate Their Board Portal

About ten years ago, corporations, not-for-profits, and government organizations like crown agencies began to make the jump from paper board books to paperless solutions. While some began using file sharing options like Dropbox, Google Docs, or even sharing their board books by email, the lack of security in these methods were quickly exposed. As a result, a software solution known as board portals or board software became the safest, most convenient way to share board books and other documents online.

In addition to the same advantages of going paperless in an office, boards also found paperless solutions like board portals made it easier to conform to new regulations, making it easier to provide auditors with read receipts and keeping convenient hyperlink libraries to relevant regulations.

Back then, there were some big differences between board portals and you paid the price for premium security. Today, a new generation of board portals has equalized the playing field in terms of technology, while the difference lies in the vendor.

Because they are held accountable to the public, crown agencies have a special responsibility to find the smartest solution at the lowest cost to the public. If you sit on the board of a crown agency or youre an administrator, it may be time to suggest re-evaluating your board portal, or requesting demos from vendors if you havent already made the switch.

A vendor that provides one-on-one training with your directors will help you learn how to manage board portals and improve the pace of adoption with directors. One of the big mistakes too many portal vendors make is training a single board representative, like the administrator, who then instructs other members. A lot of information can be lost this way; according to some learning experts, people forget 70 percent of what they learn within 24 hours unless its put to use. The board portal software vendor Aprio doesnt just offer one-on-one training, it offers ongoing training when you recruit new board members and releases quarterly webinars to help directors learn about new features to the software and make the most of programming updates.

Pricing is another major factor in board portals and its one of the biggest reasons crown agencies that already use board portals should re-evaluate their vendor now. When board portals were first adopted by many organizations, better security technology came at a premium. Today, superior security is far more affordable, though not all vendors reflect this in their pricing. You could be spending far more than you need to be for the same security measures offered by more affordable options like Aprio board software.

Affordably priced board software solutions today also include comprehensive customer support. If an issue with the technology comes the night before the meeting, when directors need to prepare, they cant afford to reach an automated message or a closed customer support line. You need 24/7, live customer support, especially as a crown agency that depends on informed, updated directors. When you re-evaluate your board software, remember to keep in mind security, pricing, and customer support.

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