Why You Need a Man With a Van

When it comes to shifting the big things in life, we could all do with a man with a van. You might think you would call on these services when moving house but there are so many other occasions when van man comes in handy. Here are just a few of them:

Bulky Goods

If youve bought a bulky item or simply need to move such an item from one location to another then you could do with the services of a man with a van. If you need to order a new home appliance but know you wont get it from the store into your car, then van man can help. Avoid the additional costs of delivery and waiting in all day for the delivery by hiring a van and collecting it yourself.

Moving Home

Yes, weve mentioned this already but why hire a huge lorry and block the entire streets access when you can move just as efficiently with a man and a van? Stay calm, have the additional manpower for lifting and carrying and move at your own pace without all the traditional stress associated with such an event. For Man and Van Reading, visit https://www.uk-tdl.com/ for more information.

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Off to Uni?

Congratulations if youre off to university for the first time, its an exciting time. If youve chosen a uni thats hundreds of miles from home then spare a thought for your poor parents who will probably need to make multiple trips to transport all your lava lamps and video games! Theyll be grumpy, the fuel bill will be horrendous and its just not how you imagined setting up your new digs. The use of a van means one trip will suffice and everyone can relax, have a groovy time and you keep the mum and dad sweet!


Ever tried to fit a drum kit into the back of a car? Its not easy and its noisy! Being a musician or playing in a band often involves travel to different venues and carrying all your kit with you. Using a man with a van will provide you with ample space for all your expensive equipment and the peace of mind that its secure and protected from damage. Whether youre off to a one -off gig or have a regular spot somewhere, a van takes the hassle away so you can concentrate on being awesome.

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Theres not much that a man and a van can do for baggage of the emotional kind but if its holiday-related and its heavy then hes your guy. Perhaps youre treating yourself to a skiing or golfing trip or travelling as a large group? You neednt worry about trying to fit everything in a taxi or in the boot, just hire a man with a van to do the lifting for you. Youll be free to sit back, relax and look forward to whatever holiday youre jetting off to enjoy.

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