15 tricks that stores use to make you spend more money

Have you ever wondered why the supermarket shelves are placed like this? Or why are there always batteries and chewing gum in the boxes? It all has to do with the tricks that stores use to make you spend more money in their stores.

Although it seems incredible, psychology is used in all stores.

In fact, each establishment is designed to the millimeter. So much so that, from the music, through the order to the disposition of the products, is carefully studied so that you spend more money in stores.

However, few people realize this. So, to become a much smarter buyer, here are the small tricks of large stores so you can buy more.

15. ‘Limited time’ sales and offers

A trick that stores have to spend more money has to do with a single word: rebates. If you put the term in the window in a way that stands out, it is proven that customers will buy more.

But not only that. Saying that something has a ‘limited time offer / discount’, encourages consumers to make a decision at the moment without having planned it, making them buy items unnecessarily.

14. Big shopping carts

What is the first thing that is on the door of the supermarkets? Big shopping carts. The reason is that it is easier to overspend when the cart is larger.

13. Flowers and baked goods near the counter

Flowers and fresh baked goods put people in a good mood, so they spend more. That’s why it is usually placed near the counter.

12. Warm colors

The warm and relaxing colors make people feel welcome, which puts them in a good mood and, therefore, makes them more predisposed to buy.

11. Basic and dairy products: at the back of the store

Almost everyone drinks milk, so as it is something that many need, they put dairy products in the back of the store. The reason is simple: they are forced to go through the entire establishment and fill their cars with other products they had not planned to buy.

The same goes for basic clothes.

stores10. From right to right

Most human beings are right-handed, so stores are created with the intention that customers move from right to left.

9. Large spaces

Another trick that stores use to make us spend more money is to make the stores large enough to encourage customers to spend more time there. The reason is that it is more convenient to buy if there is more space.

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8. The cash aisle: that irresistible temptation

Did you plan to buy chewing gum? Or those chocolates that do not do you any good? And what about that battery pack? All these items are placed in the cash aisle to cause a purchase by impulse, that is, last minute.

7. Free shipping from a quantity

There are many stores that offer the possibility of sending you the products you bought home for free whenever you spend a certain amount. So, if you had planned to spend 40 dollars, but you take home at no cost for 50, possibly many end up buying something else until you reach the minimum.

6. Employees with suggestions

When the employees of the establishments suggest a product, many accept that purchase of that suggestion in order to be kind. Thus, they end up buying more than they wanted.

5. Dynamic prices

If you see a product that is worth X, 90 or X, 99 dollars instead of having a round price, like 1 or 2 dollars, it is because people tend to round below. This is just another psychological trick of the stores that encourages us to buy more.

4. The most important items at eye level

The client will feel more tempted when buying something that is eye level, as it will see nothing else happen. On the other hand, if you have to tilt your head up or down, you may miss it.

3. Relaxing music

Putting relaxing music in a store makes people go more slowly through it, even if they do not realize it. This has the consequence that they buy more.

2. Colorful products in front

Bright colors put people in a good mood, so they generate a positive image of the store and people buy more.

1. The fewer clicks, the more purchases

In the case of online stores, the key is that customers fill in as few things as possible. Therefore, the fewer boxes you have to fill and limit the number of clicks, the easier it will be to spend without thinking.

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