17 classic trips we all dream of once in a lifetime

They are the classics! Those that should be part of your life experience and swell any personal photo album.

A “must” if you are passionate about visiting other countries, meet other cultures, be left speechless in front of the greatest works of art of Humanity and presume that you are a person traveled. Here is an exclusive selection of 17 classic trips, the top of the tops …

Egypt and its wonders

17 classic trips

Touch the pyramids of Giza, with more than 4,500 years old, enjoy a cruise on the Nile River to Luxor (the restoration that has been carried out on the Avenue of the Sphinxes is well worth a visit) and Karnak, the city of Two thousand years old built by the great pharaohs, stop at the temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo and continue towards the Valley of the Kings and its ancient tombs, many of them, like that of Cleopatra, in the process of discovery.

The cities of the Danube

17 classic trips

A romantic trio that you can not miss: Vienna, Prague and Budapest, three essential European capitals and among the most appreciated tourist destinations. Its incredible cultural offer, its monuments and museums, the infinite gastronomic possibilities and an exciting nightlife, what more could you ask for? Unite everything in a cruise on the Danube river and not miss the views.

Christmas in the Big Apple

17 classic trips

The ideal time to walk around New York and enjoy it at its best. In addition to the museums and monuments to visit, at Christmas the city has more activities than ever and you will not find an equal offer of shopping.

The incredible city of Petra

17 classic trips

The lost city of Jordan owes much of its success to the Indiana Jones movie and the latest Crusade, and more than half a million visitors walk around it with more than 2,300 years old each year. It is not difficult to feel like an adventurer going through the canyon that leads to the most recognized building, but in the protected archaeological zone there are many more that you can not miss, like a Roman amphitheater.

See the cherry trees in Tokyo

17 classic trips

Not only the impressive gastronomic offer of this vibrant and modern city conquers us. There are also spaces to be overwhelmed by the beauty or imperial palaces to visit.

Peru and Machu Picchu

17 classic trips

The heart of the Inca Empire is located in the capital, Cuzco, and in this city you will find impressive historical samples, but if you are looking for an adventure forever, embark on a trip to Machu Picchu and be overwhelmed with the views.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

17 classic trips

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, so immense that you can see from space and the perfect place to dive as you never will in your life. But there are many more reasons to visit this great barrier.

The exotic Marrakech

17 classic trips

Enchanting snakes, spice counters of all colors, artisans of all kinds … The “red city” of Marrakech is a magical destination in which to get lost.

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Enjoy the northern lights in Sweden

17 classic trips

The Abisko & Jukkasjärvi National Park (here you will find an ice hotel) and the Torne Valley are two of the preferred locations to enjoy this incredible spectacle of nature, featuring green, violet, yellow and other incredible colors.

The Great Wall in China

17 classic trips

Its kilometers and kilometers in length can be seen from space and it is difficult not to be left speechless when you get up and enjoy the views. The best preserved and accessible parts are very close to Beijing, so it is perfect to also enjoy a visit to the city.

Venice and its channels

17 classic trips

Many are the alarms that the city is going to restrict the entry of tourists and that it is in danger, but at the moment, nothing prevents you from visiting the city of the canals. And if you want to see it at its best, why not book as of February 11?

Bali, Indonesia

17 classic trips

The perfect choice for the most romantic holidays of your life : exotic, special, with perfect beaches and almost desert, but at the same time comfortable and manageable.

A safari in Zambia

17 classic trips

An essential to see at least once in life elephants, leopards, hippos, antelopes and any animal you admire, the diversity of Africa in its purest state, accompanied by local guides, who will explain everything with enthusiasm. And also, for lovers of adventure sports there are many more experiences such as fishing, canoeing and boat trips or nature walks.

The West Coast of the United States

17 classic trips

An iconic trip through the country, with a very cinematic point and that will allow you to enjoy the great national parks of impressive cities such as Seattle or San Francisco.


17 classic trips

The perfect fusion between tradition and modernity: from its exotic temples that speak for themselves of the deep-rooted Buddhist history of Thailand to the incredible shopping centers, to make a luxury shopping.

Rio de Janeiro

17 classic trips

This exuberant city is discovered at the rhythm of carnival, from the heart of the favelas to tourist areas or the best-known and most envied beaches in the world.

We’ll always have Paris

17 classic trips

Year after year the City of Light continues to conquer millions of tourists who come to climb the Eiffel Tower or pass by the outskirts of Notre Dame.

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