3 Ways Social Media Makes Your Business More Trustworthy

Social media makes the world go round today, and some of its appeal lies in the instantaneous quality of information. Literally billions of users of various social media platforms around the world are constantly broadcasting live, giving credence and legitimacy to certain content, while disproving other types. Due to the fact that social media also allows individuals to connect directly through a single channel, customers and clients feel a more personal connection if the social media account of a business replies to them individually. The focused and individualized nature of social media has a certain live component to it, which makes your content seem more authentic and genuine. This is the opposite of placed advertising, which is static and appears commercial. Taking all of this into account, right now, if youre looking for a way to make your brand more trustworthy to your customer base, social media broadcasting is the way to go.

  1. Authentic Content Means Increased Loyalty

One of the most important and lofty goals for any business is brand loyalty. That means that not only do customers and clients associate your business with a particular standard of product, but also will gravitate toward your services as opposed to competitors. Brand loyalty will even beat out better prices or deeper discounts for other businesses. Today, in an age when the importance of online reputation is at an all time high, social media content is the key to inspiring loyalty and trust. In fact, Forbes names authentic content as being one of the most important social media trends for businesses in 2017. While social media can be a whole other branch of marketing that can cause a headache, it also presents a multitude of opportunities for innovative thinkers. Social media isnt a platform for static content, but rather a reactive one, where customers can engage in real time and expect a response. If youre on Facebook, for example, tapping into the likes page or responding when a user tags you in a complain or a positive remark makes a huge impact. While social media management is a common industry at this point, the fact that theres a real time online presence for a business, as opposed to a customer service line or chat, lends weight to your image as an authentic, legitimate brand that can be trusted.

  1. Why Facebook is Social Media Top Dog for Businesses

Facebook has a user base at this point that crosses generations, gender, and national borders, among many other factors that make the human race different. According to CNN, Facebook currently has 1.71 billion active monthly users. News outlets frequently use Facebook to broadcast live events, allowing users to offer a stream of comments and Facebook reactions, such as thumbs up, thumbs down, or hearts as the video progresses. If it can work for major mainstream news networks, then it can definitely work for your business. Thats why BlueJeans Facebook livestream is a new product thats keeping up with the times, catering to the social media side of live broadcasting. Facebook is essential, since not only are you tapping into their vast user network, but it also allows live responses. Whether you want to broadcast to only a few select people, or allow anyone to watch, this product covers all of that.

  1. Facebook for Product Launches and Events

Facebook is a platform that can be used for everything, ranging from seminars to cooking demonstrations with a select number of people. Video on social media is playing an increasingly essential role, and some sites are more successful with this than others. Using Facebook to broadcast any type of live event or video content means that you also have a built-in comment, liking, and social media system thats effective and popular. While some sites specialize in video, when you plug in live video to social media, Facebook is the place to be. It also lends an important visual, live aspect if youre a business trying to introduce a new product or service. This is especially true if youre an SMB trying to keep up with social media trends and tap into that massive energy, especially on a site that has access to billions of users. The bonus of presenting a live demonstration is that you also receive live feedback, which reinforces that authentic connection between you and customer. This also much more effectively puts an actual face to a company or product. While social media accounts for sites like Twitter have a live, real person component to them, Facebook and video is a whole other level of personal engagement. Combining Facebook as your social media platform of choice with video is the perfect union of smart social media marketing.

Many times, showing people what youre doing and providing live content can make your authenticity skyrocket. Demystifying the process of how you make a product, who you are face to face, and other so-called mystery elements of how a business runs can connect you with clients on a more personal, meaningful level. The same principle applies in business that goes back before the Internet, and thats the idea that putting the face to the name makes all the difference.

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