5 Popular College Application Essay Topics

Writing your college application essay is brutal. A lot of schools leave this assignment so open ended that it can be very difficult to even know how to start. The truth is, the topic you choose should depend completely upon who you are and what you want to study. If you’re not sure what you should write about, here are 5 popular college application essay topics.

  1. Describe a Pivotal Moment in Your Life

Some people overcome some of the most trying circumstances during their formative years and the way that they overcame those challenges says a lot about who they are as an individual. In fact, that pivotal moment in a person’s life can be a major misfortune that the individual turns into a source of inspiration.

College Application Essay Topics

Then again, you don’t need to overcome any major trauma, you could also talk about an amazing opportunity you had and what you did with it. So long as it was a landmark moment in your life, it could be great for your application essay.

  1. Describe a Major Failure

How we deal with failure says a lot about us as individuals. Most people take failure as a sign that they weren’t meant to accomplish certain things. However, when you learn from a failure and use that lesson to help you eventually succeed, you demonstrate that you know how to grow from your mistakes. If you have any powerful stories about how you struggled with something academically and then turned it into strength, you should definitely use it.

  1. Describe a Person You Admire

Who we look up to also says a lot about who we are. If you already have a strong passion in life that is impacting your intended course of study, then there’s a good chance that there is an influential person in your life who helped to inspire that dream. Whether it is someone you know personally, or someone whose work inspires you, you can talk about how that person opened your eyes to a certain aspect of life and what you would like to do with that newfound perspective.

  1. Describe a Time When You Challenged a Belief

You may not need to challenge many beliefs if you are applying for NEC’s masters in accounting online, but if you want to get into any arts programs, philosophy, law, etc., then this could be a great topic for you. You can talk about how you may have been raised in a community that has a certain cultural perspective and how your perspective veered from your social conditioning. Any way that you can show your ability to individuate can be very impressive.

  1. Describe an Environment Where You are Perfectly Content

At the end of the day, the ideal college student is the type of student who really enjoys learning and who can keep up with the tremendous workload. If you haven’t found the type of work that you enjoy doing yet, then you probably don’t yet know what you want to study. However, if you do, then this could be a great topic for you because you can talk about how the subject you plan to study makes you feel inspired and at peace.

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