5 Steps to become a leader in your work

There are certain factors such as long working hours, lack of recognition and economic problems resulting from low wages, affecting work stress and do not feel comfortable at work; however, there is a cause that is usually very frequent and common, is your boss is your case?

According to psychologist Robert Hogan, University of Tulsa, seven out of ten directors or managers are incompetent, irritable, dominant operators or untrustworthy, have little decision-making skills and refuse to delegate his authority.

Become a leader
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The stigma of “bad leaders” not built for free, more than once we have found a leader who cause us discouragement and puts us in a bad mood so much that we decided to change jobs, but what are the this person attitudes that cause us this frustration?

Among the most common features that characterize an incompetent boss, is the inability to communicate, as his team fails to listen and understand, and neither is able to listen to those around him. In addition, it involves poorly, preventing him from really know the work your people lack information and, therefore, subjected to pressure.

A good leader has a long-term vision is consistent in their convictions because he lives what he preaches, grows and grows its people, teach, delegate functions and creates opportunities for all. The skills of a leader are also seen in the ability of self-control and efficient decision-making in times of crisis.

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Here are 5 tips that you can follow to become a good leader:

  1. It builds confidence
  2. Listen carefully to your team
  3. Worry about their well-being inside and outside the company
  4. Communicates the objectives of the area and remember them occasionally
  5. Share successes
  6. It points out both the positive aspects and negative people
  7. Give yourself time to share with your team

A leader should be a guide for his team, a daily motivation to achieve the best results, and be an example of perseverance and energy. Remember that a good team is a reflection of a good leader.

As a boss is committed and motivated to work, your computer is likely to be so, since those values are transmitted, the same in terms of knowledge and experience, because a leader who knows can convey that to your computer, which generates an added value to the daily work contribution.

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