7 Super Stylish Ways to Wear Your Cowboy Boots

These cowboy boots were made for walkin’!

Thanks to Western films and Hollywood, a signature American Southern trademark is surely cowboy boots.

If you have Southern pride or if you are maybe a Northerner who happens to love wearing well-made leather boots, I have great news for you:

Cowboy boots fit in anywhere!

In fact, celebrities such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Anniston, and Mary-Kate Olsen have been spotted sporting with pride their boots.

Here are some ways you can choose to wear your new favorite fashion item.

1. The Traditionalist Way

Fun fact: cowboy boots originally came about in the mid-1800s for—you guessed it— cowboys! They were a way to protect the men’s feet during their days of hard labor.

Today, we find the iconic footwear just about everywhere.

So, to go back to the classic look all you need to do is strap your boots on, with a classic pair of denim jeans, and a flannel shirt (cowboy hat optional) and you’ve got yourself an outfit!

2. The Southern Sweetheart

A simple dress with your fancy footwear ties the entire outfit together.

It is an easy, fast way to put together a fun look from head to toe without too much effort!

3. The Northern Way

Sometimes to a Northerner, cowboy boots can be a foreign concept.

One particular way would be to match your cowboy boots with your yoga pants.

Black yoga pants and a simple blousecan be suitable for one of those days where you are going to the gym later, but don’t want to wear your sneakers all day.

Cowboys boots offer a nice compromise between flair and sensibility.

4. The Seattle Way

If you live in a rainy state, you have no excuses! Cowboy boots can also be worn in the rain.

Many high-end brandsare water resistant which is great for wetter climates. So, trade in your Hunter Boots for some Durangos instead!

5. The French Way

In addition to their baguettes, cheese and barets, the french are also know for their sense of fashion.

Open up a french woman’s closet and what do you find? Black! Black! Black clothes galore!

Pairing cowboy boots with a sleek black outfit can actually be a great way to have them stand out.

Cowboy boots are a stand alone piece after all and you don’t want the rest of your outfit to take attention away from them.

6. The Brides Way

If you are a bride-to-be and trying to find some ways to spice up your white dress, consider wearing cowboy boots under your dress!

Something borrowed, something blue, and cowgirl boots? That’s how the saying goes, right?

Your wedding day is spent mostly on your feet, so you should make sure to have some comfy, but still fashionable footwear to match your style.

Every time you lift up your dress, your guests will be surprised and impressed to see that your sense of style extends from your bouquet to your boots!

7. On the Red Carpet

Who are you wearing? “Oh Tony Lama of course!”

Okay, let’s be realistic… perhaps we don’t all have the chance to walk on that red carpet, BUT what I’m saying here is…cowboy boots aren’t just for casual occasions!

Don’t be afraid to rock your boots alongside your fancy dress or suit. It can be a game changer.

Have fun shoppin’ and rockin’ those boots!

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