An introduction to A-Z Termination

With telecom technology evolving all the time, it is vital to keep up to date with how telecommunication takes place in our modern world. As global networks are built and international business is made easier, telecom outreach is growing, and so is its potential. Understanding A-Z termination has important implications for your company in a competitive global market.

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What is the A-Z in A-Z termination?

The A-Z are the points on the telecommunications circuit connected to the customer. This could be for voice calls or data. The letter relates to a position both physically and rationally on the circuit. A is the carrier location or network and Z is the customers location or network. The locations could be anywhere, such as a facility or a connection to cabling. They give technicians an idea of a field and can be used to communicate actions to the customer from the carrier.

Called party

This is the person who receives the call. The end may be the internet, or it could be routed though a switchboard. The routing ceases when the call has been received. This process is not straightforward if it involves routing to another country.

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Called party

This call could be initiated online and end at a mobile phone. Calls may be delayed or not connect depending on how they are initiated.


Voice over Internet protocol is a call that was initiated on the internet using an online app. Such calls are normally made to landlines or mobile phones. That call will have been routed through a switchboard on its way to the recipient.


An operator is licensed to operate the internet protocol network for internet-based telephony. Operators can handle call origination and termination. A second operator can lease services from the original operator, as can a third. There are also resellers of VoIP. Operators set the wholesale VOIP termination rates.


The fees are dependent on the country that they are routed through. When you are running a business that makes international calls, a service such as can help you manage your networks.

Call origination

This refers to calls that start on a switchboard but are routed to the internet. The direction is reversed, and the call ends on the internet. IP telephony services handle calls that originate or terminate on the internet.

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