How much does a car wrap cost?

how much does a car wrap cost

How much does a car wrap cost?

We all know, colorful cars spark more attention than ordinary ones. Car wrapping also gives the car a longer life and makes it easier to sell. However, many people want to wrap their cars but they do not know how much does a car wrap cost? So here we will briefly introduce you about how much does a car wrap cost?

How much does a car wrap cost?

how much does a car wrap cost

If you want to get a personalized car, the only way out is car wrap. There are a lot of benefits of a custom paint job. For example, it can be more durable and easy for selling cars if your design is unique enough. And the price range may start from $400 – $2000. So, how much does a car wrap cost?

Price of car wrap

Generally speaking, the price is related to three factors. They are area of vehicle’s exterior parts, budget and weather conditions. Your budget determines how long you can go on working with your design company. Besides that, whether it is hot or cold season will affect the effect of vinyl after finishing.

As for the area, it is naturally that more space you buy, the cheaper price you get. Usually, it is priced per square foot of your vehicle’s exterior parts like hood, roof and trunk. If you want to wrap only the front end part (not full), then how much does a car wrap cost? The answer might between $300 – $800.

Wrapping car with your own design

If you want to wrap your car with your own design, you should find a good print company who can work with you on the design. The price of doing this will depend on how long it takes and what type of vehicle is involved. Generally, the range starts from $1000. If your design is simple enough, it might cost you around $300 – $500.

If this is not the first time use vinyl wrap to decorate a car and you have a professional designer who can work on a 3D model of your car, then the price starts from $1500 – $3000. You should know that it is not easy to design a car wrap in Photoshop, so if you want your own design, the price will be higher than using someone else’s design.

Advantage car wrap

As you can see, the price range for car wrap is not fixed. You have to see if your budget allows you to buy a good quality vinyl which will be more durable in different weather conditions. If you use someone else’s design, it could save you time and money because printing company already has these files. Whether you choose to wrap your whole car with your own design, you should choose the best print company.


How much does a car wrap cost? It all depends on your needs and budget. Besides that, it is also related to many factors like weather conditions or how long you are going to use it . If none of these matter for you, then just buy any vinyl wrap that attracts your eyes. And if you want a good vinyl wrap that can last longer, then choose a print company whose design is well appreciated by customers.

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